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    Competitive District

    I know that I still have lots of time to prepare, as I;'m only a Freshman, but I live in a pretty competitive district, due to a a big Navy base in my district, I want to attend USMA, but will likely apply to USNa as well, anything I can do to make myself a more competitive candidate than the...
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    Hello there, I'm going to be a Freshman next year, I joined this forum to get more information about the academy and some helpful tips from the community on how to succeed in high school, making myself an excellent candidate for USMA or USNA.
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    Can I get some advice?

    As I head into my first year of High school , I have on thought in mind, keep the GPA up and find AP classes that you can take. Does anyone have tips or extremities they took to keep up their GPA and course selections? I was looking at the stats and they have a really high GPA, an average of...
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    What are the Best Extra Curricular Courses to Take?

    Ever since I went to an Army base, back in 5th grade, I saw the sense of leadership, respect, and team work that the Army posses. I knew I wanted to be apart of that someday. I did my research and found out how to jump start my Military Career with USMA. Ever since, I've been mapping out my high...