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  1. azmilmom

    USMMA Class of 2025 Appointment Thread

    It is that time of the year! Time to start the 2025 USMMA Appointment Thread as some LOAs are being drafted, applications are coming in, nomination interviews are starting up, DoDMERB hurdles are being tackled and the list begins. *Thanks to @Capt MJ for this format as they have all the points...
  2. azmilmom

    Very quiet on USMMA SAF forum

    When compared with other years, it is very quiet on the USMMA forum this year. Taking into account the unusual circumstances, I would anticipate a bit more activity given that so many resources are limited in connection. However, I am concerned that because ours is the 'best kept secret'...
  3. azmilmom

    USMMA Class of 2025 Application Portal Open!

    Admissions announced that they are now accepting applications for the USMMA Class of 2025. Start early and get as much done as you can during this hiatus downtime! Best of luck and Acta Non Verba ⚓️🇺🇸⚓️
  4. azmilmom

    USMMA COVID-19 Announcement

    Per USMMA from earlier today: A Message from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy The USMMA Coronavirus Response Team continues to meet regularly to discuss issues concerning this challenging and rapidly-evolving health environment. Today, we want to address some breaking issues that have...
  5. azmilmom

    2024 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    It is that time of the year! Time to start the 2024 USMMA Appointment Thread as some LOAs have been received. HOW TO ADD YOUR INFORMATION--this is self-reporting, self-updating do-it-yourself list. Here is how it works: copy the most recent list, paste into a new post, add a line at the bottom...
  6. azmilmom

    United States Service Academies Admissions Workshops: Houston, San Antonio and Phoenix

    Service Academies admissions workshops being held 1/25 in Houston, 1/26 in San Antonio and 3/30 in Phoenix. Go to to register. You may RSVP for the Houston and the San Antonio events and the Phoenix event opens up for registration on 2/3. Not sure why the...
  7. azmilmom

    Class of 2023 USMMA Appointment DIY Thread

    Look like it is time to start this thread as it seems we have some LOAs trickling out and I have knowledge of at least one appointment offered out there! As in previous years, here’s the format: 1) Your Forum Handle / Self, DS, or DD/ Date notified/Accepted, Declined or Undecided/Nomination...
  8. azmilmom

    New USMMA Academic Dean and Provost Announced today

    Announced today: To the USMMA Community: I’m pleased to announce that John R. Ballard, Ph.D., has been selected as the new Academic Dean and Provost. Dr. Ballard will visit the Academy later this week and will meet with key leadership in preparation for his permanent arrival later in...
  9. azmilmom

    Homecoming Schedule

    Here is the special Homecomimg schedule. It should be a momentous occasion as it is the 75th celebration: From the USMMAAF: We look forward to seeing you back on campus! THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 1730: Alumni Awards Dinner (Melville Hall) - $75/pp FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 2018...
  10. azmilmom

    Any idea how many USMA ROTC appointments awarded historically?

    All, Wondering if there is data anywhere showing the number of appointments offered to ROTC nominated candidates? I have searched online but can't find anything and I seem to recall seeing it somewhere either here or online. USNA's brochure has the number of nominations from each source but I...
  11. azmilmom

    Qualified now remedial?

    DS was listed as DoDMERB Qualified for USNA, USAFA, and AROTC in October 2016. USMA submitted an application for him earlier this month and now his status is listed as 'Remedial Requested' on all applications--even the ones where he was previously listed as Qualified. The remedial is listed for...
  12. azmilmom

    AZ Senator Noms Uploaded Yet?

    DS has received a nomination from AZ Senator Flake and it still isn't showing up on his portal (notified December 12). He confirmed with the senator's office (they submit slate with no ranking) and just wondering if anyone else has seen their AZ Senator Flake nom show up on their portal? Thanks!