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    USNA Failed Experiment - Are You Serious! It pains me when I read something like this. Naively I thought we have evolved beyond this type of thought. My favorite sections: "The time has come for an accounting of this poorly conceived, deeply...
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    This year CONTRAMID dates are May 17 to June 17, 2017 (West) and July 12 to August 12, 2017 (East). Fortunately DD wedding falls in between both sessions so DS will be able to attend.
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    USNA SWO Ship Selection 1.26.17 @ 6PM

    Tonight 26 Jan 2017 is the Naval Academy Ship Selection. You can watch it on LiveStream
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    West Point Football Prayer Are you serious. A coach asking the team to pray is a violation of there constructional rights? Listen with respect and move on if you object to the message.
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    TWE? Consider NUPOC

    It look like there have been a recent batch of USNA TWEs. If your goal to become a Naval Officer and if your plan B school does not have a NROTC program Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate Program (NUPOC) may be for you. Here is a link
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    UVa vs. RPI NROTC

    DS has a NROTC scholarship and he has been admitted to both UVa and RPI and he will be majoring in mechanical engineering. Help him decide which school he should attend.
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    NROTC College Waitlist

    DS has been waitlisted at his first choice college, the same school where his NROTC scholarship is placed. He has been accepted to other NROTC colleges, and he is still waiting on decisions from a few more schools. I have a few questions and some guidance would be appreciated. If we request a...
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    SAT Superscore

    Will USNA Take one SAT score from the "old" SAT and one from the new format to Superscore?
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    NROTC & College Admissions

    DS was just awarded a 4 year NROTC scholarship. Does his scholarship and the school's NROTC program have any influence over the admissions process? How could DS tactfully request that assistance?
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    Permit to Report (last years)

    I know many of you are chomping at the bit to get ready for I day and your next 4 years at USNA. Unfortunately my DS is still waiting on an appointment. If you want to at least get a glimpse at what will be in the Permit to Report here is a link to last years...
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    Bruce is at it again How many times is he going to publish the same thing. The first article he published years ago was interesting, but it sure would be nice to hear...
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    So you want to be an Astronaut

    18,300 apply for 14 jobs.
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    Medically Qualified - Conditions influence admissions

    If an applicant is medically qualified, do any of the conditions in their medical history influence the admissions decision making process?
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    NROTC Interview Advice

    My DS had his NROTC Officer Interview a few days ago. Altho most have already had their interviews this year, there may be a few that this could help this year. Prior to your interview review the NROTC Applicant Interview Form. You can find it here...
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    USNA Definitive Guide - What are my chances?

    SARCASM About halfway down the page, punch in your SAT and GPA and out pops your chances. 1800 SAT 3.8 GPA and you have a 58.07% chance 2100 SAT 5.0 GPA and you have a 99.67% chance not that smart 1500 SAT 3.5...
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    Boot Camp for Enlisted to Complete USMA Application

    Under pilot program, enlisted soldiers can apply to West Point in one day
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    NROTC Officer Interview Deadline

    What is the deadline for your NROTC Officer Interview? Does it need to be completed by the January 31 application deadline? Everything else for my DS application is complete.
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    Opportunity to Ski or Snowboard as a Doolie

    Thought I would start a new thread instead of going off topic. In a different thread @serendipity mentioned that doolies are allowed 2 personal items. I asked for some clarification on what was a "personal" item. (not have gone through a freshman year at a SA I have a hard time comprehending...