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  1. airforce16

    Appointment Sheets...

    A quick question about my appointment stuff I had to send back. I sent in my acceptance of my appointment but there is a second form that is titled, Record of acceptance, obligation, reimbursement, and oath of allegiance INFORMATION ONLY... On the back it is stamped in red Info Only, should I...
  2. airforce16

    Big White Envelope...

    January 25th couldn't get any sweeter. My big white envelope appeared in the mail today. Chalk another one up from PA for the Class of 2012!!!:shake: :biggrin: :rolleyes:
  3. airforce16

    College apps to USAFA?

    I was just curious because this would be like a back up to a back up plan but does anyone know the process of applying to USAFA if you're a freshman in college? Do alot of people do that? What if I accept an ROTC scholarship? I dont see this question very often... Thanks!:smile:
  4. airforce16

    Help FAST!!!

    Well the SAT deadline is coming up on the 26th and I am an applicant for 2012. I want to take the SAT's one more time on Jan 26th to give my verbal score another push, (550 gross). My ACT's are good enough but I just want to clear up any blemishes on my app so doing worse cant hurt me. Does...
  5. airforce16


    Just a curious question that I havent seen come up, what kind of computers do they issue the cadets at the academy and what are some regs placed on the computers?
  6. airforce16

    Hello everyone!

    Well as I browse this sight I recognize a lot of people from CC's forum. I am a 17 year old senior from SW Pennsylvania, and I currently have applied to the USAFA and USNA. I have thus far been accepted to Penn State Main and Purdue University, with Texas A&M still pending. I applied for...