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  1. BR2011

    2011 Billet Night (part 2)

    Got a call from the detailer yesterday, looks like I'll be the CO of CGC WAHOO in Port Angeles, WA!
  2. BR2011

    Looks like CGA takes the lead with the Harlem Shake
  3. BR2011

    The Price Is Right

    If anyone happened to catch the Price Is Right this morning you would have seen some cool Coasties on it. I'm pretty easy to spot.
  4. BR2011

    Admissions Partner

    After clicking through a rigorous training and passing an impossible online test (not really) I am now officially a USCGA admissions partner. I also have two classmates working in admissions so if anyone has any questions feel free to shoot me a message. If you live in the SoCal area and...
  5. BR2011

    Sea Story - Rescue of Marine Pilots

    I was recently part of a rescue of some downed F/A-18 pilots south of San Diego. Here is what happened from the point of view of CGC EDISTO: We got the call at around 1045 and made best speed to get to the last known position in about an hour and a half. As soon as we got to the beginning of...
  6. BR2011

    President at Graduation

    We got the official word today that the President will be at graduation this year!
  7. BR2011

    You should talk to this guy about improving the Basketball Throw
  8. BR2011

    Almost There

    As my time here at the Academy comes to a close (~120 days) I wanted to let all the current and prospective cadets know what the Academy really has to offer and provide some advice on how to get the most out of this place. As a cadet I have: Been to Africa on a 378ft cutter Hiked the Rock...
  9. BR2011

    Awesome Academy MMA turns a fun rivalry video into this. Content Warning for the end.
  10. BR2011

    Why 2011 is the best class i may or may not appear in the scene with a group of guys dancing with the guidon flags...
  11. BR2011

    As of today I've been to all 5 Academies

    I go to CGA, visited USNA and USAFA back when i was applying, went to KP for the football games, and finally today went to West Point. I would say out of the five West Point looks the coolest but CGA is the best school. :thumb:
  12. BR2011

    So apparently CGA has moved to Cape May still a cool video. the main guy as well as the guy with the red sash were my cadre indoc CC's. they're pretty intense
  13. BR2011

    ribbon order

    which is highest, coast guard meritorious unit or navy guard meritorious unit? or does it not matter?
  14. BR2011

    ATTN: AFA cadets

    is every 4 dig present for recognition weekend? (or whenever the final part is). more specifically are athletes allowed to miss it or do they have to be there? i ask because CGA is doing an end of 4/c year thing that is supposedly based off of AFA recognition but it looks like less than half of...
  15. BR2011

    Bitter End

    I dont know if you guys have heard but they are adding a final sea trials type day in April after indoc boards called "bitter end". we've been kept in the dark but apparently it is a 24 hour (friday night to saturday night) period for 2009 to smoke us one more time. carry on is expected to...
  16. BR2011

    On my way to New London!

    im leaving early tomorrow for New London! i would just like to thank everyone who has given me advice/support over the last few months, you really helped to make the whole process easier. ill try to post here when i get a chance to help the next round of applicants. Thanks a lot!!!!:thumb...
  17. BR2011

    First Care Package

    for those that have been through it, what did you send to your swab that was helpful to them? so far im asking for... Bleach pens Lint Rollers Spray on Sunscreen anything else i can add to this list that will make my life easier over the summer? also, since the listserv wont give...
  18. BR2011

    2011 listserv is up
  19. BR2011

    New London seafood

    do any CGA parents have some suggestions on where to get some good seafood in the New London area? I'm looking for a good "last meal":yllol: specifically somewhere i can get good crab legs, mussels, and scallops? thanks in advance:thumb:
  20. BR2011

    Funny things said in court

    I just got this in an email, enjoy > > These are from a book called Disorder in the American Courts, and are > > things people actually said in court, word for word, taken down and now > > published by court reporters who had the torment of staying calm while > > these exchanges...