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    Old Goats Club

    Sir, I've only seen references to the "Old Goats Club" on Instagram, although I wouldn't be surprised if they existed else (probably facebook) as well. I believe its just an informal group providing some sort of direction to a multitude of Old Grads who want to do something kind for the Brigade...
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    Old Goats Club

    I was contacted by the Old Goat who had my PO box AND he was also in my company!
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    I can't see myself in a sub.

    You're essentially correct. However, it is nearly impossible to NOT have Subs in your top 5 if you don't qualify for some screener-required service.
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    What Should I Say to My ALO

    I’d recommend relating your reliance on primary resources rather than a reliance on SAF.
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    The Gunsmith Thread

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    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    @justdoit19 I'm pretty sure that qualifies as a salad if you sauté some onions and throw them on top.
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    Shoot...COVID strikes Navy football.

    We're probably not leaving the yard till Army/Navy.
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    Mid asks judge to block removal

    @cb7893 I'm no pilot, but this article has a bit more information.
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    USNA Brigade Commander

    She’s an all around stud! It’s nice to know the brigade will be in good hands next semester.
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    Advice for Senior Year Schedule

    Having taken Calculus, Chemistry, and Physics will benefit you at USNA. My advice as a current youngster: 1. Look into which classes you can validate with AP scores. Take those, knock the tests out of the park, and instantly be ahead at USNA...
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    What does the star on top of the anchor on the SDB mean?

    Stars and awards absolutely are required uniform items. Albeit, a never enforced required item. Technically, missing awards should go towards failing an inspection.
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    What does the star on top of the anchor on the SDB mean?

    @usna1985 Points well taken, and I really liked your post. I think this missed the mark. At least at USNA, its simply an arrogance thing. No one wants to wear a gold star if their roommate is a 2.0 and go kind of student. I don't think any lower-achievers are offended by mids wearing stars either.
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    The Citadel - Interview 20/21 Regimental Commander - NROTC - Selected for BUD/S Training

    I understand the appeal of writing about a successful grad, but why write an article detailing the life of someone trying to succeed in SOF? That seems like some sort of OPSEC/PERSEC issue.
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    The Gunsmith Thread

    A discussion with my dad turned into a discussion with my roommate... Would you rather own a Beretta or Benelli semi automatic shotgun? (I know, I know, side by side is the only real answer here)
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    What does the star on top of the anchor on the SDB mean?

    That’s about right. Although as @usna1985 mentions, they are technically part of the uniform. I’d say the majority of mids don’t wear stars on their blues every day because it’s a bit tacky and kind of like bragging (not really, but that is how it’s perceived). However, there is a time and...
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    What does the star on top of the anchor on the SDB mean?

    We are encouraged to wear stars but I’d say roughly 60% of those on a list don’t.
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    What does the star on top of the anchor on the SDB mean?

    Dant’s list is still a silver star. Stars are also worn on the left breast pocket in blues
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    How to turn a 3AD into a 4 year AROTC scholarship

    Montana is freakin’ beautiful, and Bozeman is a fantastic location. Perfect for fishing, skiing, hunting, and I guess AROTC. *sarcasm* In another life I would’ve attended your school, sir. I can see myself living in Bozeman someday.
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    2020 Army/Navy Game top be played at West Point

    I have a gold West Point pin on the starboard side of my combination cover. Unfortunately, an unnamed SDO noticed a couple weeks ago at a colors inspection. oops.