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    Chaplaincy through AROTC?

    Hello all, I'm an AROTC cadet studying English and Political science. I am strongly considering becoming an Army chaplain but was unsure if pursuing it through ROTC was a good idea. I have been told that it's better to direct commission as a chaplain rather than doing it through the Chaplain...
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    CFA Green check but not anymore?

    When my application first opened up in August, I had taken my CFA at SLE (with the impression that I had failed it) but when my application opened up there was a green check mark next to my CFA scores. I was confused, but happy nonetheless, a couple of week later I find that the green check had...
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    CFA Question

    So my portal just opened up today (very excited) and I saw that my Candidate Kit had a green check mark next to my CFA. I took the CFA at SLE in June and didn't as well as I hoped - I'm retaking it in September but I wanted to know whether or not that indicates I passed it? I didn't get any...
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    SLE Week 2

    Anyone here attending Week 2 of SLE?
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    Dwight D. Eisenhower Award

    Anyone from NJ high schools receive the Eisenhower award?
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    NJ Scholars Program 2016

    Hello - I wanted to know if anyone in NJ got nominated for the NJ Scholars program. I just received my letter for the semi-finals interview. I wanted to see if there was anyone who was applying to any service academies/ROTC programs were also nominated for the program! :P
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    Senior Class Schedule

    Hey all! I am starting to make my schedule for senior year, and I'm torn between two classes: AP Computer Science and AP Economics. Both of them are online courses (my school offers a small number of AP classes) and if I take either one of them I'd end up taking 5 AP classes. I know West Point...
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    When to contact Congressmen?

    Hello all, I'm a Junior applying for the class of 2021 - I was wondering if now was an appropriate time to contact my respective congressmen. I know many are still sending out their nominations and many of their websites haven't updated yet (The due date still says 2015). I want to contact them...