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    Do College Reapplicant Ever Get Offered USMAPS?

    question is in the title
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    What is the most effective way to Train for the Acft at home with minimal equipment. I have acsess to a Bench Press and hand weights.
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    Army Oppertunity

    This is more a general question but, I have recently been denied from West Point, and have instead chosen to attend The Citadel through my ROTC Scholarship and I have some underlying worries. I would hope that if I perform within the top 10 % at Citadel then my opportunities going into and...
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    How Will I Know What I Want To Branch

    I'm headed to The Citadel with an rotc scholarship this summer. I know it's early, but I wanted to be as prepared as possible to score as high on the oml as I can. Furthermore, I would proabbly want to branch infantry or Intelligence. I find it's weird since I would think that they are other...
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    Army Branching From the Citadel

    Hey everyone, So I know that that WP cadets get first choice when branching into the army. If you are a top performing Citadel Cadet, are u at a disadvantage compared to west pointers in getting your preferred army branch through your ROTC Score. From the citadel, are there opportunities to...
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    Cornovirus and Grades

    Due to COVID-19, the majority of my second semester like others has been switched to remote learning. This has made it extremely difficult to get the support I need to maintain my grades in my difficult course load. 7th semester I had a 4.5 GPA. Thus far in my 8th semester Its looking like a...
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    Where to Reapply From

    Hello everyone, So I would like some advice on this topic. I am sill awaiting a response from USMA, USAFA, and USNA to see if i obtained an appointment. That being said, If I happen to be denied from all three, I will absolutely be reapplying to USMA (my first choice) from whatever university...
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    I just received a CANDIDATE FILE QUALIFIED PDF under official correspondence in the USMA Portal. What does this mean for my prospect for an appointment considering my nomination source is ranked choice? I have a nomination from my congressman and JROTC Can i still get an appointment to the...
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    Foundation Scholarships

    What is it? As much detail as possible would be amazing. Who is it for? Is it similar to us maps? I have a 3 year to the cittadel, is it better than replaying as a college freshman considering I could leave with 2 majors?
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    Camp Zama Japan

    Does Westpoint allow you to post at camp zama japan following your commission? Does your specific branch as an officer determine your likelyhood to post there?
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    Appointment possibilities

    If I am the most competitive applicant to an academy with a nomination from my congressional district, however I am deemed academically disqualified, what happens. Does prep school take the slate of the nomination?
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    Math Mod

    Is Plebe Math Mod equivalent to Pre-Calc?
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    Majors and Minors Info

    I am interested in these academic programs at West Point and am curious if anyone could detail information about them that is not disclosed on USMA's website. Any insight from past or current cadets would would very welcome -Major Difficulty -Applicability to the U.S Army -Professers -Ect I...
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    Win MOC slate, can prep still be offered

    Hello, according to my congressman, I most likely will win the slate through his nomination at west point as the other applicants in my district are not nearly as competitive as me... Question though, I think I am 3q'd although I haven't recieved a letter, however, I think I am a prime...
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    Scholarship Upgrade

    Who receives a scholarship upgrade. What are my chances. I received 3 year scholarships for the cittadel and vmi.
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    Prep school bfe

    If you get appointed to the prep school at an academy, do you still get a bfe? Plain and simple?
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    Top Leadership Positions Corps of Cadets

    From what I understand, Firste leadership postions are assigned on a whole person concept, gpa, fitness, leadership...ect (Class-Rank). Question though, do qualify for Regimental/Brigade staff and commanding positions, do you generally need to be top 5% in every category. Ex: what if you are an...
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    No 3q Letter

    Usma has requested my 7th semester transcripts, have yet to send me a 3q letter. Why would this be? I have 2 nominations (moc and jrotc), mecially qualified, passed my cfa, 1330 sat, 3.9 gpa, triple varsity athlete, tons of ex's The more I look on these fourms, the more anxious I get. Why...
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    Major Increase in 7th Semester Transcript GPA

    I have recently had my official 7th semester transcript requested by U.S.M.A. Fortunately my GPA this semester rose considerably compared to my average GPA across high school. (4.5 and 3.79 respectively) Other then conventional wisdom such as -it couldn't hurt-, does anyone have sense of how...
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    U.S Space Force Academy

    Due to the designation of of U.S Space Force as being the 6th military branch, I presume that will come with a need for Space Force Officers. If so, do you think they will establish a u.s space force academy le (U.S.S.F.A) or make commissioning an option out of the air force academy similarly...