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    CFA for USNA and USMA

    Can a candidate complete the CFA once and use scores for both USNA and USMA ? I am sure this has been asked/answered but I could not find anything so apologies in advance.
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    Medical exam - athlete

    This is very helpful and thank you. Just to be clear - the medical exam process is the same and was not delayed by this back/forth ? Lastly, congrats to your DS and I hope he is making the best of these times.
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    Medical exam - athlete

    Per the direction of the field force rep., DD reached out to her regional commander to start her medical exam process. She was passed to the "athletes admissions officer" as she is "being evaluated" for a sport. Can anyone comment on what this means? Is she considered a "recruited athlete"...
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    For that that received LOA - is your application complete? If not, what is outstanding? Did you have SAT scores to submit ? Finally - Congratulations
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    Thanks for all the input, very appreciated. Yes, DD has been all over this and has had no less than 7 tests cancelled in 7 different locals/3 different states. She is absolutely considering every site in and out of state within driving distance. We are in MA and nothing is happening. She is...
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    Does anyone have any intel on how academies and ROTC is handling? It is less and less about about dealing with adversity and finding a way and just not possible. DD traveled oostate for test and it was cancelled the day prior. Tests are being cancelled day after day. Thanks
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    NROTC application

    Hi, My DD is working on her application for 4 year NROTC scholarship. She is a HS junior and took SAT's back in fall (early for Jr) to get an idea of where she was and to work on weaknesses. The plan was to take again in April and then Covid 19 hit and tests are unavailable. So, my question is...
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    Navy Nurse path

    Hi, My DD is very interested in a nursing ROTC track. I'd love to hear about your DD and her experience in college thus far. Thanks for your thoughtful post/
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    Nursing ROTC

    I would love to hear about experience at any/all branches. Thanks
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    Nurse options

    My DD is very interested in the SA, however, she is fairly sure she wants to be a nurse. Are there tracks to be an RN in the SA's. My research tells me there is nothing "traditional" and I know about ROTC options but want to exhaust this research and this forum is amazing so I thought I would...
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    Nursing ROTC

    My DD is a high school junior and extremely interested in a nursing rotc program. I would really love some general advice and information about the experience before, during and after (graduation). Much appreciated.