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    USNA is not free

    "Contrary to popular belief, USNA is not free." That is the basic message I got while scouring the Internet for information on USNA, tuition/fees-wise. Tuition and housing are paid for, but everything else (books, supplies, uniform items, etc) must be paid for by the individual. If I apply for...
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    Careers in Medicine?

    Hello everyone! I am applying to Naval Academy and went on their website to see a list of majors. I am interested in either Mathematics or Mechanical Engineering, but overall I wish to pursue a career in medicine, specifically in Neonatology. If I were to be accepted into Naval Academy, what...
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    Applying for USNA...but bad resume

    Hello everyone! This will be my first thread since I've joined this forum. I entered high school with no thoughts of attending a military academy or enlisting in the military. My school offers NJROTC as an option for PE credit, so I decided to join NJROTC, because I believed that it would be...