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  1. The Commissioner

    Relationship between a Senior NCO and a Junior Officer

    A very similar relationship exists in the private sector, particularly in capital intensive sectors like heavy manufacturing, railroads, mining, etc. where newly minted graduates are hired for entry level (2LT?) professional positions where they must rely on seasoned foreman (SGT?) to get...
  2. The Commissioner

    West Point Graduate Steals $690,000 of Army Funds

    His greediness and lack of discretion, not his stupidity, is what caused him not to "get away with it." :wink: There were small fortunes being made in Iraq because people were ordered to get cash into the economy as fast as possible and with little accountability. Some of the biggest...
  3. The Commissioner

    CPL Jason Dunham

    Since July I regularly travel across the very spot in Husaybah, Iraq that Cpl Dunham gave his life for his buddies and his country. I consider it hallowed ground.
  4. The Commissioner

    Holiday Thoughts and Prayers

    Those of us, both military and civilian, who are serving overseas especially in violent places like Iraq and Afghanistan appreciate the fact that folks back home are thinking of us and asking God to keep us safe. The fact that I am alive today is proof that prayer works. Please don't stop...
  5. The Commissioner

    from prep school to academy

    I don't know how the USAFA handles it, but at USMAPS the non-prior service 'prepsters' are Invitational Reservists and thus are covered by the same insurance they have while living at the prep school. The time between 'graduation' at the prep school and R-Day at West Point is considered...
  6. The Commissioner

    GTMO Debate; your thoughts.

    I didn't watch both speeches in their entirety. What I did see in a large military dining facility in Iraq is no one paying attention to President Obama and people in uniform straining to listen to Cheney. In my opinion, the Obama Administration and it's supporters vastly overestimate...
  7. The Commissioner

    USAF grad killed in Afghanistan

    This site's code of conduct discourages me from posting what I really feel about this incident. :unhappy:
  8. The Commissioner

    Obama to End Military's 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Policy

    Just for my own amusement, I've been informally polling Marines I am stationed with. These folks are mostly NCO's at the Staff Sergeant rank and above. In effect, the people who run the Marine Corps. Based on comments I hear, the Law of Unintended Consequences will color the reaction to an...
  9. The Commissioner

    Who throws a shoe??

    I was in Baghdad on the day of the shoe throwing incident and saw our Ambassador the next day. He didn't seem too concerned about it. What our news media focused on was the minority of Iraqis who think the 'reporter' is a hero. Of course it is not convenient for the Bush haters who produce...
  10. The Commissioner

    Nomination Interview Story

    Last Sunday I was sitting in the chapel listening to a sermon given by an Army chaplain, rank of Major, who is an African-American. He told the following story: "Years ago when I was a kid in high school, I sat for an interview with a board that was evaluating applicants to West Point. They...
  11. The Commissioner

    West Point Campus Visit

    When my son went for his visit, there were several other candidates there too. The guys wearing the sport coat and tie looked overdressed. A nice pair of slacks, good shoes, and a long sleeve shirt with a collar make a positive impression.
  12. The Commissioner


    Each USMA graduate is assigned to a branch of the Army prior to commissioning. The branch assigned is a function of the Cadet's choice and class rank. Aviation is one of the coveted, therefore competitive, branches so those who wish to become helicopter pilots need to rank high in the class...
  13. The Commissioner

    Class of 2012 Marchback today..

    ..led by Hotel Company, the CBT honor company. :thumb: I wish I could have been there to see the smiles on the faces of my son and his classmates. :biggrin:
  14. The Commissioner

    Prep vs. S.A's: SAT/grade differences

    I can speak only for USMAPS. USMAPS students are called 'prepsters.' The West Point Prep class of 2009 brings a SAT average of 1087. Compare that to the USMA class of 2012 SAT average of 1272. It should be noted that a SAT score increase of 50 points is not unusual for prepsters when they...
  15. The Commissioner

    Talking to Newspaper

    As someone who has held elective office and been quoted in the newspaper A LOT, I've seen these things play out many different ways. To avoid being misquoted, follow this advice: Tell the paper you will be happy to take their questions in writing and you will respond in writing. If they...
  16. The Commissioner

    Newsweek article on the McCains

    I thought the Newsweak cover story on Mrs. McCain was relatively even handed considering the mag has sunk to the level of barely disguised Obama campaign literature. I knew the editor would demand several column inches on Mrs. McCain's history of drug addiction and subsequent legal troubles...
  17. The Commissioner

    Who else will watch Generation Kill?

    I watched the first episode and I rarely watch television. It was amusing, especially the dialogue. I didn't read the book so it's all new to me.
  18. The Commissioner

    Military Art & Science

    The best thing you can do is be really honest with yourself about the kinds of things you've done so far in life and how much you enjoyed doing them. What that means is to take an inventory of activities that can encompass jobs, sports, classes, trips, or even pranks you played on friends...
  19. The Commissioner

    R-Day Pictures for the Class of 2012

    Thanks so much for posting the links, Antoinette! :smile: The smugmug gallery contains the only photo of my son that I've found in all the R-Day pics published online. It's nice to see that he got his gear and he looks good to go!
  20. The Commissioner

    General Takes Swipe at McCain

    I don't know that "Obama's tax plan" will raise taxes. But the proposals in his campaign speeches, which sound like a letter to Santa Claus from every liberal special interest constituency out there, will cost a lot money if implemented. The amount of non-entitlement 'discretionary' dollars...