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  1. AggieWill

    AROTC Undergrad timeline to graduate

    DS submitted his 104-R as required for contracting. Obviously, things change as college moves forward, and I'm sure there's a process to change/update. One question I have (and he doesn't know yet): what happens if a student needs an additional semester to graduate? Back in the day, I think...
  2. AggieWill

    Any modifications to AROTC SAT scoring scale?

    Given the early scoring on the new SAT (looks like mean scores are up), many universities are marginally increasing the SAT requirements to qualify for enrollment and scholarships. I’ve noticed the Air Force is flopping around a bit…a month or so ago they increased the minimum SAT from 1180 to...
  3. AggieWill

    Norwich - how big is cadet corps?

    Just curious, how big is Norwich's corps of cadets? The university has about 2000 undergrads on campus, how much is civilian vs corps? The interwebs didn't yield an answer, so I'm going to the experts..... Thanks!
  4. AggieWill

    AROTC SAT/ACT updates to file

    For AROTC, is a candidate able to update improved SAT/ACT scores after he’s been boarded? My son’s SAT score came in today, and it wasn’t a great score (1140, 610CR 530M). He’ll retake it at the next available test (Oct), but the results won’t be back in time for the 1st Board. If it’s...