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    Eye Wavier USNA Myopia Error

    Does anyone have any experience with eye waivers for Myopia - refractive error greater than - 6.00 diopters (sphere component only)? I think my one eye is like -6.50 and other is -5.75. I got a LOA to USNA and I'm wondering the probability that my wavier will be accepted by DODMERB. It is common...
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    Nomination on USMA Candidate File

    Hey everyone! I was wondering on my file it says: Nominations received: ROTCH MN62 Is the MN62 a congressman or senator? Does anyone know what the 62 means? I have already received an appointment, but I'm just curious because I went through all of those interviews, and I want to...
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    If all of my paperwork is in, and the Admissions Director for Great Lakes said he was taking my file to the board soon, what would be a general timeframe of when I'll hear back from the Academy? I already have a nomination for ROTC Honor Unit. How long does it take the board to make a decision?
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    I was wondering how bad a citation for damage to property would hurt your application. It is not on my record, but they say to mention things like that because every midshipman must undergo a background check. I got my application and this is something that is troubling me. My application is...