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  1. ProudDad17

    A Janitor's Ten Lessons in Leadership

    This was article was recently shared with me and I thought it is appropriate reading for our aspiring future leaders, or really any human being:
  2. ProudDad17

    Cool video from Veteran's Day flag ceremony

    Just wanted to share this cool video from the University of Michigan Veteran's Day flag ceremony. The snow really makes it.
  3. ProudDad17

    A piece of advice for incoming midshipmen/cadets

    You will likely be filling out several forms for your unit and mailing them in before you report. Do yourself a favor and make copies or scan them before mailing them. DS' freshman year, he rolled his eyes at me when I made this suggestion, but did it anyway. When he reported to his unit...
  4. ProudDad17

    NROTC filing taxes

    DS is home for spring break and I am trying to help him file a tax return for the first time. He is a Midn 3/c on scholarship, so he went to CORTRAMID last summer. It is my understanding the money he was paid during CORTRAMID is taxable, and taxes were withheld from his pay for that. He...
  5. ProudDad17

    Asthma/RAD questionnaire R252.13

    DS had his DoDMERB exam back in January. When he checked his status middle of last month it showed a code of R252.13 and showed they mailed him a questionnaire for asthma, reactive airway, exercise induced bronchospasm on Feb 10. He still has not received anything in the mail. so he emailed...
  6. ProudDad17

    NROTC ISR approval process

    My DS was approved for an NROTC ISR scholarship back in the first part of September, but he has not received anything officially confirming it. Since then his portal status has changed a few times. As of early last week the status reads that no decision has been made at this time and lists...