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    Well, good thing for him it wasn't an "honor" violation...

    I read the attached article and honestly thought it was from Duffle Blog or the Onion. There are cadets dis-enrolled for speeding tickets. In what world does this make sense?
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    Veteran-Friendly Employers

    Read this article this morning in the Early Bird. I know that, as an employee of one of the top 5 on the list, we place a large emphasis on both actively recruiting veterans and supporting veteran's organizations. It's nice to see...
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    MSVs and the FY16 OML Calculation

    "Hypothetical" situation - you're a current MSIV, engineering major, attended LDAC summer of 14, but will not graduate until December '15 due to engineering course requirements, etc. ADSO'd for Engineer Branch, have approx a 3.0, so qualify for the special programs/guaranteed active duty, etc...
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving from the east coast, where the turkey's already in the oven. Now off to the 5k "Chase the Turkey" with the kids. Hope everyone has a fantastic day!
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    ROTC Changes on the Way

    No mention of what exactly the changes are or when they will go into effect, but my guess is the additional 3 days tagged on to LDAC will begin next summer, since it was mentioned in conjunction with the move to Ft. Knox.
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    Sean Coleman

    Not sure if anyone here knows Senior Chief Petty Officer Sean Coleman of the US Coast Guard. In addition to an outstanding military career, he was very involved in the US Military Cycling team, was a wonderful cyclist and a fierce competitor. He died yesterday during a training ride in Tampa...
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    VMI suspicious pkg?

    Anyone have any insight on this - "@news5wcyb: The Virginia State Police Bomb Unit is at VMI where a suspicious package has been found. It will be taken to parade grounds and destroyed." Hopefully a false alarm.
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    Tomorrow is Day 1 of the Sandhurst Competition at USMA. Not sure if anyone else has a cadet there, but good luck to all! It's going to be a long and difficult, but hopefully rewarding, two days.
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    Winter wonderland

    Saturday the DS, DD and I were mountain biking in 70° temps wearing shorts. Today (so far) we've gotten about 4-5" of snow. Welcome to Tennessee, where we have all 4 the same week!
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    CULP Assignnents

    The full list of CULP assignments was released tonight. If your cadet applied, they can log on to the portal and find out if they were selected and where/when they're going. As I understand, there were approx. 2400 applicants for 1300 slots. DS will be going to Bulgaria, as of right now. Last...
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    Major Change Advice

    Question for all you knowledgable folks out there - maybe Clarkson could weigh in? My son, a contracted MSII, is considering a major change from Microbiology with a Human Health concentration (adm 3) to Anthropology (ADM 1). When he chose his major as a senior in HS, he was strongly considering...
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    CULP Notifications!!

    My son, an MSI, found out today he has received a CULP slot! I'm so excited for him! He will be going to Malaysia in July. Apparently everyone at his school who applied is going, which I found interesting. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear - I hope your cadre calls with the...
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    Today is supposed to be the day that CULP selections are announced. Has anyone heard anything yet? For those cadets already home for Christmas, will they find out through AKO or from the cadre?
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    Vehicle Inspection?

    Has anyone's cadet had a cadre-performed vehicle inspection? My DS had one today, conducted by the ROO. He "failed" due to two tires' tread depth not being up to standard. He was made to sign a counseling statement and had to agree to buy tires by the end of the month. I understand and...
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    North Dakota

    I heard on another forum that the Helicopter Training Program at UND has been terminated. Can anyone confirm this? If true, that's a shame. It was a really unique program for ND to have.
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    Scholarships, Refunds & Taxes

    I did a search here and read through most previous threads regarding ROTC scholarships and taxes. I have a question that I did not find an answer to - maybe someone here has had a similar situation? My son's in-state public total cost (Tuition/fees + R/B) is approx $7500 per semester. For...
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    104 Form & Authorized Semesters

    Does anyone here have experience with filling out the 104-R Form, and specifically with the # of authorized semesters? My son is trying to get a jump on filling his out before school starts. He has not met with an academic advisor yet. He is beginning school with 29 hours of credit due to AP...
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    Remedial Question

    My son's DodMerb status is "Remedial Requested". The description is "Counselor Statement regarding IEP" Brief background -my son has an ADHD diagnosis, but no accomodations ever, no IEP ever, and no medication since elementary school. I am not clear on what they are requesting - a letter...
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    DoDMerb Question

    My son is applying for an AROTC scholarship, and has a question regarding properly filling out the DoDMerb physical form. Brief background - when he was small, he was diagnosed ADHD and took medication through part of elementary school. He stopped taking it, with the OK of his physician...
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    AD vs. Reserve & Other Questions

    My son is planning on doing ROTC in college, but unfortunately decided too late to apply for a scholarship. The ROO at his school says he would have been competitive (3.9 GPA, 34 ACT, national-level athlete) for a 4-year scholarship, but now we're looking at what options are left for him...