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    Letters of Recommendation

    Too late for this cycle and too early for the next, but a great article on Letters of Recommendation and what I think service academies care about vs who wrote it...
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    I know many of you appreciated MurfTheSurf over the past couple of years and were saddened by his passing this past winter. To honor him - I will point out his Plebe son was in Navy's #2 (finishing) Heavyweight Crew Boat that finished #3 overall in Boston today. For those crew wannabes -...
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    This is the new meningitis vaccine and requires 2 doses at least 30 days apart. The PTR said it was recommended, but not required - but may be mandated upon arrival (waiting on a CDC recommendation). I know a 1/2 dozen kids that have received it, and every one has complained of very sore arms...