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    Aspiring Mids: Virtual Operation Information 2020

    For Aspiring Midshipman: Operation Information usually involves a Mid coming to your neighborhood during T-giving week to share their experiences about life on the Yard and in the Brigade. Well, no T-Giving break means no in-person visits, so OPINFO 2020 is going virtual. The next six weeks...
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    Return for the Class of 2023...?

    Anybody got any gouge as to when the Class of 2023 will be welcomed back into the loving arms of Mother B? Have seen plans for 2021 and 2022, and 20204 is obvi already on campus.
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    To Cut or Not Cut? On the Subject of the I-Day Women's Haircut

    As most are aware, the women of the USNA Class of 2023 were the first group not required to cut their hair for Plebe Summer. Our DD vacillated for a bit in making a decision on whether to cut or not, but ultimately decided to get trimmed to the traditional jaw length. During this past Plebe...
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    Possible Increase to Military Service Obligation

    From a recent article in the Military Times: "Senators want to look at the service obligations that graduates of U.S. military academies incur for the first time in more than 20 years. The Senate Armed Services Committee wrote in the latest defense bill that the current eight-year service...
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    A Request for the Technically Inclined

    Can you please invent an Artificial Intelligence that will assist in picking my Plebe out of the 1000s of photos posted by the Alumni Association? Many thanks in advance.