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    Additional Recommendations - Do they show up on your checklist?

    Hi. I inputted the information for 3 additional recommenders in the new USNA application portal. None show up as received on my checklist (though all told me that they have made the submissions). Does anyone out there have those additional recommenders (as opposed to math, science, english)...
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    Qualified letter, reflecting placement on NWL...what does this mean?

    I received a letter indicating that I have been qualified "academically, medically, physically." The letter went on to explain that I am now on the National Wait List until I receive a nomination. I understand what this all means. But does this mean that I am not likely to receive an LOA? Or...
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    ROTC Board - Who are they and what actually happens?

    The board for AFROTC is supposed to be reviewing my application on Monday. Who exactly is the board (active duty, vets, civilians?)? I'd imagine there is more than one AF board across the nation looking over all of these? Are they grouped by region? At this point, I believe the technicians...
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    Teacher sent LOR directly to USMA admissions - will that show up on my portal?

    As most probably know, the USMA portal allows for uploading of letters of recommendation by the applicant. My teacher sent her letter recommending me directly to USMA as that is her established practice. Will I get some type of confirmation that they received the letter? I uploaded the other...
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    In State/District Attrition - How does that affect number of MOC slates in a given year?

    If for example a current WP cadet decides to leave, and that cadet is from my state or congressional district, does that mean the MOC who nominated the departed cadet will get an extra slate for the next admissions' cycle? So if 3 cadets from my state dropped out over the last year, does that...
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    Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets - A few questions

    Based on my research so far, Virginia Tech and the Corps of Cadets seems very appealing. A few questions: 1) Are all the branches equally represented, or does one branch seem to dominate in terms of numbers and the culture of the place; 2) Is there a lot of integration between the Army, Navy...
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    AFROTC - Question about "application will meet the next available selection board"

    Hello. My AFROTC application is complete, to include an officer interview. I've also done the Fitness Assessment and been cleared by DodMERB. Under updates in my portal, I found this: "your scholarship application status is "Eligible".Your AFROTC Scholarship interview has been received and...
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    West Point goes “test flexible”

    Received an email today reflecting this “test flexible” policy. Two important caveats. One, if you can’t take the SAT or ACT due to the pandemic, you must document efforts. Two, the PSAT will need to be submitted in its stead.
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    Virtual Candidate Visits

    I was just invited to a 2-day candidate visit, which is supposed to approximate an overnight visit. Did anyone else get this invitation? In the past, did the invitation to an overnight visit signify that a candidate is being looked at very seriously? If I accepted the invitation, I would have...
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    How "good" does your CFA have to be to help with your WCS?

    From what I can gather, the CFA is for most pass/fail. You're either identified as a risk or not a risk. But some of the other posts seem to suggest that an exceptional performance at the CFA can help with your WCS. Does anyone have any sense how good your CFA is to get that bump? If for...
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    Caucasian + Asian = "Diversity Candidate"?

    If you are bi-racial (in my case half caucasian, half asian), am I considered a "diversity candidate"?
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    Letter of Recommendation/Evaluations- Confirmation of Receipt?

    Will I get notified or otherwise see in my application portal confirmation that someone has submitted a letter of recommendation on my behalf, or when my English or Math teachers submit their evaluations?
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    SOE - How long from the time of upload by teacher until reflected in your portal?

    Hi. My question is in the title. I have a dear, elderly (and brilliant) teacher who will be doing my SOE for chemistry. She is not very adept at anything to do with computers however. I have sent her one reminder as it was a month since I submitted her email through the portal. A week later...
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    Infantry-type positions after USAFA graduation?

    I am applying to USMA, USNA and USAFA. My goal is to serve and I would gratefully accept any offter that came my way. I want to fly. But I also find the infantry extremely appealing. My question is if I get into USAFA, and decide for whatever reason not to fly (or maybe am not qualified to...
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    LOAs for Class of 2025

    I've seen a number of references in different posts regarding LOAs for the Class of 2025. If you are one of those recipients, congratulations! For the rest of us, I thought I'd try to get a single thread on the topic. For the lucky recipients, could you please post the date you started to the...
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    CFA - 3 Different forms or 1 form and share with other academies?

    I tried searching forum archives, and the only thing I found was a thread that seemed to relate to CFAs taken during a summer seminar, and a request of that academy to share with other academies. So here goes...My question is if I am applying to USMA, USNA and USAFA, and given the pandemic did...
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    Interplay between Admissions Regional Command and "Admissions Committee"?

    I know that each one of us applicants is assigned to an Admissions Regional Command. In the materials provided by USAMA, they show a map of the various regions and attached commander and diversity officer. For all practical purposes, will it be my regional command that will be making the...
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    Reach Outs to State Liaison Officer or Regional Outreach Officer?

    Should I send a basic introductory email to either of these officers? I don't want to bother them unnecessarily. I just want to know whether this is something expected or suggested. Thank you.
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    Boarding School with Grade Deflation - Does WP Admissions Know Each High School?

    I go to a boarding school in the NE. I am blessed to have this opportunity and love my school. It is also one of these august institutions that seems to take delight in their grade deflation practices. In any given class only 1 or 2 students will get an A. As a result, I have what amounts to a...
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    Army ROTC PMS Interview - Documentation?

    Last month, I completed my PMS interview for an Army ROTC scholarship. I thought it was a good experience and I really enjoyed it. I've been checking my portal since then and it still says that my PMS interview is pending. I know there might be some lag time getting everything updated. But I...