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    Conditional appointment

    Looks like things are moving For EA. Son got a call from his admissions officer offering him a appointment conditional on DODMERB. He is over the moon. His bears den didn’t even show reviewed. Still was on the ready to send to the board until today I guess.
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    NROTC Change in status

    Good Morning. My son emailed me a change in how his portal looks today. IT is more detailed but says “No decision has been made on your application” Is that pretty much notice that he was passed over this first board? Anybody else’s status change or have more info on their portal? Thanks.
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    Are LOAs still a thing?

    It’s been a WHILE since my daughter was doing this whole Navy thing (09 grad) and letters of assurance were a definite thing then. Are they still something done and if so, when typically would a candidate hear? Thanks.
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    NROTC site down?

    Anyone else having issues with the web page? It’s been down a couple of days.