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    Summer Opportunities

    This is the list of summer opportunities at the school my DS went to (if your not familiar with me it was a junior military college). Just to show you how things change, his MS3 year they had 2 air assault, 1 airborne, 3 ctlt, and about 3 culp. Air Assault ( x 4) Airborne ( x 1) CTLT Ft...
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    DS is commissioning in May from a Military Junior College, he is an ECP Scholarship cadet. They had to submit their request to have their GRFD numbers revoked prior to commissioning. Therfore he hasn't done his final APFT or taken the standardized tests that are going to be required for future...
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    Update for SMC's from Cadet Command

    Senior Military Colleges (SMC) now have a Reserve commission mission. That means each year they must commission Officers into the Guard/Reserve. Attending a SMC does NOT guarantee you active duty. To go along with this it appears as though this year's commissioning ECP cadets from junior...
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    Federal Tuition Assistance

    I know Army Nat'l Guard Federal Tuition Assistance was suspended in 2013, was it ever re-instated? If so was it just for enlisted? I've searched but cannot find anything regarding the re-instatement of it.
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    Time Frame

    How long does it normally take for dodmerb to post your file once they receive in from Concorde. 1 day, 2days, a week? My ds's file posted on Concorde's site as "Complete, everything sent to dodmerb". It's been a couple of days now and when I check the dodmerb sight it says it is not entered...