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  1. Soldiergriz

    Branch Night Class of 2020

    88% of the Cadets received their 1st choice this year. This is an 11% increase over last year.
  2. Soldiergriz

    West Point Judo Congratulations to West Point Judo. National Champions in several divisions. This program continues to shine. Congrats.
  3. Soldiergriz

    Most Trusted Professions Members of the military rank #3. Military officers rank #4. The American public has held our service members in high esteem for years - much to be proud of.
  4. Soldiergriz

    NROTC 2nd Board results

    Results coming out....check portals. My son received email notification at 3:15 Central.
  5. Soldiergriz

    New Member

    Hello all. I am the dad of a high school senior with ROTC and SA applications pending. I am also obviously a Soldier in our Army. I have enjoyed lurking for a while, and decided to join. Glad to be here.