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    VMI ----> USCGA

    Hey guys, I'm about to enter the VMI this fall as a Rat. I'm also applying to the USNA and USCGA class of 2021. I was just wondering if any of you Coasties knew anyone who transferred from VMI to USCGA. I was just curious on how that transition has gone and what some of the differences are...
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    VMI laptop recommendations?

    Well I have yet another question already. I scoured VMI's website as well as the New Cadet Handbook, and all it said was that I need a laptop or iPad. Do any of you know if there are requirements to how much RAM I need (as an ECE major) or any other constraints? Also, does VMI have any type of...
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    Contact Lenses at VMI during Ratline?

    Are Rats allowed to have contact lenses during the Ratline, the new cadet handbook makes no mention of them. it only says to bring two pairs of eye glasses if needed. I have a pair of contacts and a pair of glasses, is that acceptable?
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    VMI ---> USNA vs staying at VMI

    Hello, I am a first time poster, but long time lurker. This will likely be a long winded post so I thank you in advance for reading this. First, let me just give you some background on me and what my plans are. I just graduated high school and will be attending VMI this fall with the Rat Mass of...