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  1. USCG Master

    4th Year

    How often and for how long are meals squared at the Academy?
  2. USCG Master


    Instructions for taping say reduce waist and hip by the nearest 1/2 inch. So if my DD waist is 31" is reduces to 30.5. Likewise the neck increase to nearest 1/2 inch, if is 13.5 increased to 14"?
  3. USCG Master

    RA Applications

    Since the 15th is past, any one know how many RA application where submitted?
  4. USCG Master

    Competative states

    Is Georgia a competitive state?
  5. USCG Master

    Early Action

    Why is early action better than regular action?
  6. USCG Master

    Bean Sprout

    How many cadet for a day or bean sprout positions are offered each year?
  7. USCG Master


    Do students who apply for AIM get a rejection email?