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    NY State Traveler Health Form for Incoming Hot-Spot Covid States:

    NY State Traveler Health Form for Incoming Hot-Spot Covid States:
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    Some Things to Look Forward to For All Accepting Appointments (Additional Paperwork Needed)

    Here is a past thread for all who are accepting the appointment... as far as additional paperwork needed; All these requests will appear when the Portal is updated.
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    CL2024 File Completion Deadline Extended !!!

    Hi all... some already posted this but I thought I put it in as "HEADLINE" so our beloved sons and daughters are updated. Here is what the portal says in the homepage: CL2024 File Completion Deadline Extended (30 Jan 2020) - As a result of recent technical difficulties that rendered the...
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    USMA Orchestra???

    I see that WP has an official USMA Band, but is there a USMA Orchestra??? I tried to look in past threads and could not find anything. Any parents have kids who play in orchestra at WP? Thanks in advance.
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    The Blueprint of WCS and it's Significance: The Rand Report

    Attention all Parents: I came upon this valuable information by the Rand Corp. pertaining to Whole Candidate Score (WCS). Ever wonder how WP selects their candidate? ... Read this report! If you have loved ones that are interested in attending SA... this is a "must read." Good luck and God...
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    For those who already attended SLE and invited overnight visit... only please :)

    For those who attended SLE already, and also did the overnight visit... is an overnight visit by invitation necessary? Reason for asking... limited/lack of budget for the overnight visit... I already had the SLE experience. Assuming... the only difference is classroom didactical experience...
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    The "Politics" of Nomination... (A good read)
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    General Timeline for USMA Applicants

    Here is a General Timeline of Events for USMA Applicants Good luck and Merry Christmas All !!!
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    Multiple nominations for a single service academy

    Do the VP, senators and local MOC all communicate together so that one candidate's slate does not take up all 4 nomination seat for a SINGLE service academy? If one candidate gets all 4 nominations for ONE specific service academy, then how can the next qualified nominee take a seat if that...
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    Received LOA and 3Q'd but no Nomination... possible???

    Is there a chance a cadet candidate can receive a LOA and be 3Q'd... but denied a nomination? Realistically, I suppose anything is possible but it doesn't seem logical to deny a nomination for a cadet candidate who already has been conditionally accepted to a service academy. I know nothing is...