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    Migraine Waiver?

    This is the DodMerb Standard: "History of recurrent headaches (784.0), including, but not limited to, migraines (346) and tension headaches (307) that interfere with normal function in the past 3 years, or of such severity to require prescription medications, do not meet the standard." You do...
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    RSCAP is an Army ROTC-specific program that allows selected cadets (think offensive and defensive line football players, etc) to exceed weight and bf standards on a temporary basis. The specifics are in CC Reg 145-3. I do not know if Air Force has a similar program or not.
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    ANG and The Citadel financial advice?

    That's AROTC only. All Air Force commissions are active duty.
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    ANG and The Citadel financial advice?

    To my knowledge, Air Force does not have any program similar to Army's SMP program. You'd go through all of that essentially to get a part-time job one weekend a month earning very little money. It doesn't seem to be a viable plan. My questions are - did you apply for an AFROTC scholarship in...
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    losing weight

    Beast Barracks bears more resemblance to Boy Scout Summer Camp than it does to Camp Pendleton in 1942. Don't handicap him by piling on excess weight for no reason. Lean and fit is his best bet.
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    Are NROTC mids made to order their own uniforms? I would think anything needed would be issued during orientation or as needed.
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    DODMERB Weights

    It varies by service.
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    Hearing Test Standards for AROTC

    Straight from the Standards of Medical Fitness: 2–7. Hearing a. Audiometers, calibrated to standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO 8253:1 1989) (reference (c)) or the American National Standards Institute (ANSI 1996), will be used to test the hearing of all applicants. b...
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    Need some DoDMERB advice

    Did he disclose the pinched nerve on his original paperwork? If so, I'd just call and explain they already have the info. If he didn't, why not?
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    Commissioning Silver Dollar Question

    My son bought an 1892 Morgan Silver dollar at an antique store. It's pretty much up to each cadet as far as what to buy.
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    Scholarship Activation

    Is this for Navy ROTC or Army?
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    Anxiety/mood disorder DQ

    That's typically for ADD/ADHD diagnoses. I don't believe there's a statute of limitations on anxiety/depression.
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    Base and boat assignment

    I'm sorry your son is disappointed - I'm sure it's not how he envisioned his career beginning. I'm not familiar enough with the Navy to know if trading assignments is a possibility - you can do that in the Army. If possible, perhaps he can find someone who is not as enamored with sub life as...
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    Anxiety/mood disorder DQ

    Unfortunately, Anxiety and depression are typically non-waiverable conditions. Should that be the case here, you would not receive a scholarship. You would be allowed to take freshman and sophomore level ROTC classes if you choose, but will not be offered a contract and, as such, would be...
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    Swimming Recruiting Times

    You misunderstood my response. If you could score at Navy's conference meet, then you're generally recruitable - not at your high school's conference meet.
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    Ed Delay for PA School

    Is your daughter familiar with this program?
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    Swimming Recruiting Times

    As a general rule, and this goes for any timed sports, if you would be in a scoring position at conference, you're recruitable. Look at past results and see where you fall.
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    Am I doing good enough freshman year.

    That is completely school-dependent.
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    How does the AROTC Book payment work for Scholarship?

    You'll get $600 deposited at some point near the beginning of the semester. That's it.
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    Competing for ROTC 3yr vs Minuteman

    Do you have the means to pay for the first year without a scholarship?