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    4 year AROTC tuition payment

    DD has received a 4 yr AROTC scholarship. She is accepted at her school, paid the deposit, and passed DODMERB. I realize she must pass the APFT to contract. How does the whole process with paying the school work? When does the tuition and fees get paid to the school under the scholarship...
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    AROTC Scoring

    I found the following scoring methodology online: Each student can achieve a possible 1400 Whole Person total points during the scholarship evaluation process. The Whole Person Score is a total merit based score comprised of: a) 250 points for ACT/SAT score; b) 200 points for...
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    AROTC and 5 yr academic program

    Are you required to graduate in 4 years if you are on a 4 year ROTC scholarship? Curious how it works if someone is in an academic program that takes 5 years to achieve. How does extra year tuition work? I assume student must pay it themselves. Also, how does commissioning work? Do they...
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    AROTC File Completion and Interview

    Can a particular unit have their own requirements as to when they will allow an applicant to schedule an interview for AROTC scholarship? The portal opens up the interview information about scheduling when the transcript and test scores have been verified. But, the unit that DD contacted said...
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    ROTC Interview and Scholarship Portal

    DD is going to interview with the head of the military dept at the school she has listed as #1 for her AROTC scholarship application. Can that person login and see the progress and what DD has completed on her scholarship portal? For example, will they be able to see all of the info they...
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    AROTC PFA time in between events

    I have searched here and other places and can't seem to find out if there is a rest time between pushups, situps and mile run or do they run one right into the next. Can someone with experience advise? Thanks.
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    AROTC questions

    Is there a place to see how many freshman an AROTC battalion typically adds each year? Or, is this a fluid number year to year. Looking at private schools similar to Duke, ND, Wake Forest, Northwestern, Vanderbilt - how many AROTC scholarship winners do they typically take per year? At these...
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    2019 USMA Cadet Court Martialed 21 year sentence.
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    First Wave/Nom listed on Portal

    DS received his nom (email and then presented with a certificate in a ceremony) the first week of December. His portal still shows no nominations received. Everything is green checkmarks. Did anyone in the first wave receive their appointment even though their portal had not been updated...
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    AROTC application advice

    Total newb here on ROTC. DS is a reapplicant to USMA and is currently home for winter break and indicated in passing that he intends to apply for AROTC scholarship for plan B. On the first go around he was all or nothing on USMA. He did not get in for class of 2020 and is reapplying for 2021...
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    USMA and Test Scores on Portal

    My rant for the day. They changed their portal this year so that it just says "we have test scores on file for you." It doesn't display the scores they have on file. Just seems like a bad idea as a candidate has to email his RC or technician every so often pestering them if the scores have...
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    Reapplicants and Teacher LORs

    A question for any reapplicants - did your teacher recommendations carry over from last year's file or did you have to request new ones?
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    Timing of Waiver Requests

    DS is a reapplicant. He flunked his initial hearing test last year but subsequent hearing tests were sent to DODMERB showing he was within army standards. According to DODMERB, he remained DQ'd because he failed the first one. A waiver was never requested probably because he was not...
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    Superscore between ACT and SAT?

    Does USNA superscore across the ACT and SAT? For example, if candidate gets a 27 on ACT for math but a 700 for SAT math, do they ignore the 27 and look at the 700 while at the same time look at the 33 on english and ignore the 650 on verbal?
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    ACT Writing

    Just sent in updated ACT scores to USNA. The June test results (6th time was charm :)) were such that they were both best sitting scores and superscore with the exception of the writing portion. Do I even need to bother to send in the better writing scores from a previous test? Does USNA look...
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    college reapplicant and trimesters

    DS is a reapplicant for class of 2021 and attending a college that is on trimesters with fall, winter and spring terms. I noticed that the spring term does not even begin until the first part of April and runs into June. If a candidate had received acceptance before third term, would...
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    Anyone else doing the "waiver wait"?

    Patience, patience, patience...... I realize its that time in the process to just be patient but wondering if others are experiencing same thing. DS has a condition that requires a waiver. The USMA portal has listed "disqualified" since exam was complete a couple of months ago. We have...
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    Ear Tube DQ

    DS had an abnormal hearing test as I had previously posted about. Got to the bottom of the issue this week and now there are a flood of questions and don't know how to answer many of them. Quick summary: DS was asked to take hearing test again. While the result was not perfect hearing it was...
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    DQ, Waiver and USMA portal

    Just noticed DS's portal reads "disqualified" under the dodmerb section. DS failed the initial hearing exam and was asked to do the test again. DS did the additional test at a local audiologist and we were pleased to see that the additional test only reflected minor hearing loss (no greater...
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    Valley Forge

    Working on plan B with DS. He says if he is not accepted he hopes for prep school or sponsored prep but if neither materialize would like to self prep. I was doing a little research on MMI, NMMI and Valley Forge among others. Are any of the prep schools better for USMA? Anyone have any...