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    Question about COVID-19 Impact on Admissions

    This must be a regional thing because I have had no problem signing my son up for the ACT for October (this Saturday) and December.
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    With over 30 "turn-backs" Air Force Sinks Navy 40-7

    Did USAFA offer this to everyone?
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    Elephant in the room...

    Coach Ken is doubling and tripling down on the whining this year, most recently about CIC trophy and Air Force only playing two games. Geez, just play who they put before you and get on with it. It's really a bad optic. AF will have zero game experience when they meet Navy. That is not an...
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    LOAs for Class of 2025

    You beat me to it. It amazes me how those posts appear whenever someone says they received an LOA.
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    West Point Admissions Chances

    While this is great advice, Student Body President, Company Commander and Captain of the football team are hardly "club joiner and title collector" territory. They are inherently active leadership positions and OP should be proud of those. Those positions, at least to me, jump out as "real...
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    Renters Insurance???

    In most states and with most insurance companies, the parent's homeowners policy already provides coverage for up to 10% of the amount of contents coverage carried on the parent's homeowner's insurance policy to cover the stuff of the student away. There are limitations typically for FT student...
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    Perspective from midshipman who voluntarily left USNA

    I dont stop in and read as much as I used to. Congrats Mid Cake on your promotion to moderator!!:benny monkeysmilies:
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    Perspective from midshipman who voluntarily left USNA

    That was 30 mins of my life I'll never get back. :) Not being military, I read whole thing to see someone respond about being able to call yourself a veteran. Seems crazy to be considered a veteran if you spent 2 years at an SA and walked away. I assume it's just a technicality.
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    Nomination Strategy

    Wow. Funny to see an old thread of your's resurrected and having so many years of experiencing the process for hindsight. I reread the thread and recalling being kinda miffed when a poster said to list your one top SA on all nomination requests. I was thinking, don't they get it, DD just...
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    Army Ret. General says "USNA got it right"

    We need a standard font color for sarcasm. I almost thought you were serious. But of course, the esteemed and highly powerful Sue Fulton (????) had a quote that said there's risk. Hmmm. That is deep digging journalism. But she's a grad so I am sure all grads were involved in the meeting...
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    Army Ret. General says "USNA got it right"

    I obviously have no insider information, but I have a hard time believing that WP and the president's office had not established the general framework of the return of the firsties before all this came out. The media has absolutely jumped onto this narrative that WP was completely surprised by...
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    How is USMA handling ‘20 graduation?

    I would imagine they will begin to engineer how they will transition the rising firsties and cows back to get them prepared for beast and buckner sessions. Don't they normally train for a week or two in preparation of their beast and buckner leadership duties? If I recall, those lead up days...
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    USMA Civil Prep - School choice and experience?

    I second this statement. NWP is a one semester program so your DD would study the second semester at school of her choice. We did this. I think there are pros and cons to both. - is your child a self starter and the type to thrive going solo on the second semester? - Does your child have...
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    Units with Strongest Relationship with Admissions

    I do believe that some units do have pull or will try to assist with admissions. The key in this is that you will have to do a lot better than "I am considering your school." If they are going to go to bat for you, it's nearly going to have to be "I will come to your unit if accepted." Nobody...
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    Army-Navy game: White Power hand symbol appears to be used during pregame broadcast

    I was at the College Gameday broadcast. It was a blast and so much fun with the competing cheering and signs and the entire broadcast. To think that someone would hijack that moment, that atmosphere and claim there was white supremacy activity going on. Just seems ridiculous and really...
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    Disappointment in President’s unprofessionalism

    I frankly was amazed at half time when the president walked across the field and right into the stands and appeared to be just going off on his own shaking hands with midshipman. All you could see was the red hat in a swarm of midshipman. I'll bet the secret service was going crazy. Say what...
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    What if I'm interested in two academics?

    In my opinion, the thing that impresses those that interview you is when the candidate sees the big picture. So, the approach is something along the lines that you want to serve your country and you are drawn to the opportunities to do "x" in the Air Force and to do "y" in the Navy. Both...
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    Hopefully you did not go too far out on that limb. USMA certainly does send LOEs to candidates who have completed their files. My DD was done with her file in August and received an LOE in October. Her file had been done for many weeks. Holden100 who posted right above your original post in...
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    Who goes to the prep school?

    On the athletics website for sports rosters, here is a sampling: 94 out of 172 rostered football players were USMAPS 25 out of 42 rostered lax players were USMAPS Can you say "redshirt?" :scratch:
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    Desperate parent with a contracting ?

    This is great info. This is our first rodeo with AROTC scholarship and we were warned about the notices that would come from student accounts about late tuition. We paid the room and board before our child even arrived at school and wrote a note that they were a ROTC scholarship winner for...