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    Travel insurance and Leave

    Hello all, I’m soliciting advice on travel insurance and the possibility of USNA spring leave being locked up. I’m looking to insure a trip for March 2021 through Travel Insured International, a USAA affiliate. Per the insurance policy, I am insured if the trip is cancelled due to “revocation...
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    Sad day for Naval Aviation
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    USS Lexington found!

    This certainly is better than fining hidden gold!
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    Moving actions by Gen/Sec Mattis This makes me admire the man even more.
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    USMA Info brief question

    Admissions is holding an admissions briefing tomorrow in my area. I wasn’t planning on attending until tonight when my schedule cleared up. However, the USMA/USMA admissions site seems to be down and I can’t RSVP. Is it acceptable to show up without RSVPing? Thank you.
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    ADD Waiver Prerequisites

    Hello all. Reading this forum has been extremely helpful. However, I now have a question of my own. I am currently a Junior in high school. I have been diagnosed with ADD and was prescribed Adderall. I believe that I meet all criteria for a waiver (no cumulative 24 mo. Script, no class...