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  1. usnabgo08

    Sending CFA Scored

    As many BGOs and posters have stated on the forum - if you keep yourself in shape on a regular basis, the CFA isn't as much of a challenge as it may seem. The Navy and military expects its personnel to adopt a culture of fitness. With that being said, it really should not matter when the CFA...
  2. usnabgo08

    CFA Administerer

    The directions do not explicitly state an answer to your question, however, my interpretation would be either active or reserve commissioned officers; retirees would not count. Per the other thread, you already mention you have a coach who could administer the CFA, so it shouldn't be an issue.
  3. usnabgo08

    King Hall Food Shortages

    This was my firstie year. Most of the 1/C at each table did not eat or had very little to eat - we ate USMC style, making sure all of the younger classes had the food. The issue was raised up the MIDN chain of command until it reach the Commandant (then-CAPT Klein). She personally came to...
  4. usnabgo08

    CFA retake

    Coaches can now administer the CFA; this change was made during last year's admissions cycle and I haven't seen anything that would reverse that course. "The CFA MUST be administered by a high school/prep school physical education teacher, a coach, commissioned officer, or a Blue and Gold Officer."
  5. usnabgo08

    Question about presidential and disabled/deceased nomination

    Yes, those eligible for the Deceased/Disabled Veterans nomination do not get a presidential nomination.
  6. usnabgo08

    Earliest I can take CFA

    Your CFA administrator inputs the scores online.
  7. usnabgo08

    Is it possible to talk about things that you worked on but never went through?

    I concur in part with Norfolk63, however, at a USNA Admissions forum a few years back, the admissions counselor specifically mentioned a candidate who tried to run for city mayor (small rural town), but legally, was too young. The counselor recalled the positive reception that was taken by the...
  8. usnabgo08

    Is it possible to talk about things that you worked on but never went through?

    Two considerations: 1) Bring up during your BGO interview, if not already completed. 2) If the BGO interview is complete or you feel that you would like some documentation in the record, an extra (brief) letter of recommendation may be appropriate, especially from the athletic director or...
  9. usnabgo08

    Physical Readiness Test (PRT) exercise form

    Beyond, that guide doesn’t completely apply to USNA. It is intended for the Fleet PRT.
  10. usnabgo08

    Presidential Nomination Notification?

    I concur with what USNA1985 said below. If the MOC still allows the candidate to compete for their nomination AND it is done with well intent (i.e. to possibly allow USNA to charge the appointment to another presidential nomination candidate), that doesn't seem to be a problem in my book...
  11. usnabgo08

    JROTC Nom

    You need to be in N/MCJROTC or be in a JROTC honor school unit. If you are in A/AFJROTC and NOT an honor school unit, you are not eligible for the nomination. Also note that the nomination form must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from your lead JROTC instructor.
  12. usnabgo08

    LOA for class of '23

    OldNavyBGO, I agree with you. Subtle difference, but I view the former wording as placing the ownership on the BGO and it isn’t the BGO’s application process, it’s the candidates. The candidate is ultimately the one who decides whether to send it in or not.
  13. usnabgo08

    How are plebes ranked within companies?

    See page 18-19 I’d be curious to hear from a current MIDN how the final aptitude for commission grades are determined...if it is just the rack and stack of...
  14. usnabgo08

    Question about LOA

    My advice, complete your application with no expectation of an LOA. Thus, if you get one...great and if not, the competition isn’t over. You have close to zero control on whether you get an LOA, so no use worrying about it or figuring out chances.
  15. usnabgo08

    LOA today! HOORAY!

    Congrats! Wouldn’t be surprised if this was a major factor for the LOA. However, as others have said, no one (outside of admissions) ever really knows why an LOA was given.
  16. usnabgo08

    Can I get rejected before retaking CFA?

    CFA results COULD be used during the admissions board, but normally it is the extremes. For example, for someone who achieves maximum or close to it in many/all events, this could be highlighted when the record is briefed. Likewise, barely passing can also have adverse affects (yes, it is...
  17. usnabgo08

    Earliest time for appointment

    Given so few appointments come from this non-competitive nomination category, the candidate would most likely need to have an LOA (or would have been given an LOA). You are making many assumptions/ is better just to let the process play out and not worry when you might hear.
  18. usnabgo08

    Academic Year Leave Schedule

    As always CaptMJ is spot on....just to add...according to MIDREGS, planes must be scheduled to arrive no later than 4 hours before leave expiration.
  19. usnabgo08

    Admissions Counselor Change?

    Most likely the regional email is easier to monitor if someone is out of the office or on leave. Thus, the emails don’t sit in an individuals personal email account untouched.
  20. usnabgo08

    Presidential Vs. Special Nomination

    If you meet the requirements for this nomination (first quoted section), you are not eligible for a presidential nomination (see last line of second quoted section). This was the situation for one of my candidates a couple of years ago..only one nomination and it was the one listed in (a)(1)...