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    Life after Medical separation

    I was medically separated from USNA for depression in January. Since then, I have started school at a new university and have good grades and everything, began antidepressants and counseling, but I am completely haunted by my failure. I have found myself isolated and unable to move on and I...
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    What kind of things need to be reported for DoDMERB?

    I had a very small cyst lanced by my family doctor today and it isn't on my medical record but I report for USNAPS indoc on tuesday. Is this something I need to report to DoDMERB? It doesnt have any affect on my physical readiness.
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    USNA Prep 2016/17?

    A foundation scholarship and NAPS are two different things.
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    USNA Prep 2016/17?

    I'm not sure what that means. I will be attending the prep school in newport this july.
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    Do I have any chance for NAPS?

    That math SAT is pretty low. I barely made it to NAPS with a 570 math, 680 reading, and 680 writing.
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    USNA Prep 2016/17?

    Is there anybody else headed to prep in July? I feel like I'm the only one!