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    Initial PFT

    Howdy y’all I know that to activate the Marine option scholarship at the start of freshman year we must pass a PFT. Does it need to be a 1st class score?
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    In Reg Tattoo

    Hi all For my 18th birthday I am considering getting a small US Flag tattoo on my ribcage. I checked current Marine and NROTC policies and the tattoo is in regs. Does anyone know if I need to notify NROTC about tattoos that are within regulations? My OSO doesn’t seem to check his email and I’m...
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    Changing Name

    Hey y'all I am about to start the process of changing my last name (taking my mothers last name). I was wondering if any of y'all have any experience with that and know how I should go about informing cadre at summer indoc for NROTC and at my college (incoming freshman). I'm not sure how that...
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    Has anyone received a letter about when NSO will be this summer? I've seen posts here that list tentative dates for the two sessions but has anyone actually been assigned to one yet?
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    Hi all I was notified today that DODMERB has found me qualified for my Marine NROTC program. However, during the eye exam I remember the optometrist saying I was near sighted and needed glasses (my civilian doctor disagreed, but that isn't as important). When DODMERB says I am qualified, does...
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    Howdy y’all I flew in to Austin on Monday and just arrived in College Station for my SNWC on Thursday. Is anybody else on this forum spending the night tomorrow?
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    Getting Glasses

    Hi y’all I have completed my DODMERB eye and physical exams for Marine option NROTC. During the eye exam, my doctor said I am slightly nearsighted in one eye and have a small astigmatism, which he said shouldn’t be a problem. I always thought I had 20/20 vision and I’ve never had glasses. I...
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    Private Doctor for Exam?

    Hi all Concorde has me assigned to a doctor and optometrist that are both over an hour away in opposite directions. With our insurance, a regular doctor's appointment is incredibly cheap, and my mother doesn't want me to miss a full day or two days of school for the appointments. I have...
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    Outfits at TAMU

    Hi All I was wondering if anyone could speak to the individual personalities and focuses of the NROTC outfits at TAMU. I have read the descriptions on the website, but I was looking for personal testimony, the kinds of real life experiences that wouldn't be on the website. I am doing a SNWC with...
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    Revoke NROTC?/MO Scholarship?

    Hello All, I have been awarded a four year NROTC/MO Scholarship to TAMU. However, I am currently struggling in my AP Calculus BC class, and I may finish the semester with a D or below. I am working with my teacher to resolve the issues in my understanding of the material, but I was wondering how...
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    Greetings All, I have been reading posts on this forum for about a year, and felt it was time to make an account and join the community. I am currently a senior in high school, and I have just been informed that I am a recipient of the NROTC Marine Option Scholarship. Looking forward to getting...