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  1. justawife

    AFROTC PDT fun

    S is in his 9th day of the PDT here is what they did this week. Which is way better then last. Last week he was a seat filler at 2 Change of Commands and a retirement ceremony. That is as many as he had every been to as a dependent...his dads. Suppose to get an flight next week, looking...
  2. justawife

    ADM Fallon done Sad that he is leaving, especially if he was keeping us out of Iran.
  3. justawife

    UF AFROTC People always ask for the best ROTC programs, it is not the building it is people in them that make programs good vs. great.
  4. justawife

    Rink finally finished...sorta

    The new Rink at the Naval Academy is in the process of putting down ice. The lobby and other portions of the facility are far from completion, but it appears they will have ice. The new rink is off Greenbury Point Road which is on the East side of the Severn River, across from the Academy. He...
  5. justawife

    Letter to the parents from ROTC

    We received a letter from AFROTC Unit today. Most interesting things in the letter was if the scholarship can not be activated the parents will need to cover the tuition. The college will need to reimburse the parents when AFROTC pays. Cadets have 45 days to activate they must make weight, pass...
  6. justawife

    ALO Mystified

    Last night was my son's senior awards night. My Son ALO came to give the AFROTC awards to the 4 kids at his school who received them. He told my son that he and his regional director were "mystified" this year. My son and a friend/classmate/co-capt of lax team both went to Summer Seminar...
  7. justawife

    Change in Pilot training

    Seems the AF is going to be changing the number of pilot training slots, seems we are producing too many(again). Also there will be some shuffling of those young pilots slick winged Capts and Lts who are in over manned AFSCs. So what the 0-6 I am married to said is expect in Spring 08 for a...
  8. justawife

    Alternate email

    Son got email from admissions today, asking him if he still interested. It stated that they are going to offer about 20 slots. So we will be having a talk today about this before lacrosse.
  9. justawife

    Letter from AFROTC

    In today's mail a letter from AFROTC, they asked my son to fill out the hometown news info with school he plans to attend. Also another form so that they can send a officer to present the scholarship at the awards ceremony. This guy will be busy, 3 of the co-capts from the lacrosse team all...
  10. justawife

    AFROTC stuff

    We just got back from UF AFROTC. Son had made an appointment 10 days before with a professor for his major and the AFROTC Unit Admissions officer told him drop in afterward. He had a some really good answers to my son’s questions. First, freshman and sophomore years require 5 hours, but they...
  11. justawife

    Email from Admissions?

    Ok we are on Spring Break, in our home state of FL. Son goes to the Dome to watch national champ. game at UF. Parties in the street after the game really likes the campus. Talk to ROTC, has lots of good answer for the boy. Today I check my email, "Welcome, please come to out Parents of...
  12. justawife

    Hornetguy is Starbuck dead?

    Or is she a one of the final 5?
  13. justawife

    Change on Status

    Your Status: Candidate* Your Application is: Complete this used to say you have been deemed competitive after Candidate, now it doesn't. Has any one else had this change?
  14. justawife


    Last week the AFROTC board met, the board results have not been released to us yet. But Son has received emails from several detachments congratulating him on his scholarship. The amusing part of these emails, 2 are from schools he did not apply to but asking him to bring his scholarship to...
  15. justawife


    Son was cleared by DODMERB for AFA -CQ and CGA. Found out he was offered a ROTC scholarship, will he be auto cleared because he is CQ for AFA? Will we need to do anything? Thanks
  16. justawife


    Is there anyone who will be doing grassroots on Monday 27th? We are going to one. Just was wondering since these cadets get to a longer Thanksgiving, how do they select the luck ducks who get 2 more days at home?
  17. justawife

    Repeat Repeat!

    Agency: US Coast Guard Academy Sub Agency: Current Medical Status: Remedial Requested R152.17 - Obtain a REPEAT color vision examination (PIP) R252.30 - DD Form 2379, Statement of History Regarding Head Injury(ies) R257.10 - Obtain a Falant color vision test at a Military...
  18. justawife

    Fat Package..

    So how many of you received a fat package yesterday from USAFA? It did make my son's heart skip, it wasn't an LOA. But it is something from Air Force!
  19. justawife

    Overnite Visit Program

    Interesting things I have learned today. They want to see you kids AP scores, the make a difference in the process. They do have a few courses that AP scores get you some credit. The main dorm is having an addition put on and the rest of Chase will be redone in a 4 year time frame...
  20. justawife

    A bit of Airport Advice

    Coming from NOVA, flying up for a overnight visit, which airport should we use? TF Green is 53 minutes is there something closer? I also trying to figure out if I should go to get himthere, the program starts a 11am to many things can go wrong!