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    Appropriate action

    RetNavy- Our son recently received a LOA from USNA. Here, in part is what it said, "...that your guaranteed offer of appointment is contingent upon completing all of your remaining admissions 1 March 2007 (emphasis mine)..." The Medical Qualification box is marked. His DQ...
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    Sub Agency: #Main

    RetNavy: A new thing just popped up on son's DoDMERB -- "Agency: US Naval Academy Sub Agency: #Main" What does "#Main" mean? It is not on any of the other "Sub Agencies" for the other academies listed on his DoDMERB site. Thanks.
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    Here's to the Heroes

    I thought y'all might enjoy this tribute that some friends of my son made for their grandfather, a Korean War vet. Knowing that my son wants to go to AFA, they shared it with him on New Years Eve. Now I see that it is up on YouTube. Enjoy...and pass the kleenex...
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    Orthodontic appliances

    DS's DoDMERB webpage says, among other things, "Correspondence - Single Disqualification...D004.00 - Orthodontic appliances". The USAFA applicant website says "Medical Status: Disqualified." We are aware that braces need to be off before candidates report for BCT. My question is, will the...