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  1. Aeroman65

    Congressional nomination received but really wants USCGA

    As with any military branch, “hurry up and wait” is the norm. One of the mottos for CGA is Semper Paratus (always ready), but all of the cadet parents translate this to be Semper Gumby (always flexible).
  2. Aeroman65

    Important matters concerning the existence of Humanity - BACON

    Wrap bacon around the sausage tail. Problem solved.
  3. Aeroman65

    Graduating Early

    It's fine to get all the credits you want/can get in high school. If attending one of the SAs, it won't make a difference on the timing. You might be able to validate some courses, but you will still spend 4 years at the academy of choice. My DD had about 70 credits by the time she was appointed...
  4. Aeroman65

    No interview? Bad news?

    My DD was selected for the class of 2023 and was not interviewed. Don’t ever give up!
  5. Aeroman65

    Questions regarding high school class consideration vs desired major at the academy

    I would also like to encourage you to be persistent. If CGA is your goal, but you fall short on your first attempt, don’t give up! Keep improving what you can and reapply the following year. My DD did that. Her goal was to attend CGA, but she did not make it off the wait list for Class of 2022...
  6. Aeroman65

    How are LOAs/acceptance letters rec’d?

    When my DD was offered a position last year, everything was done through email until the final steps. Only then did she receive something in regular mail.
  7. Aeroman65

    Sea Trials start tonight for Zulu

    She’s currently in Salem on the Eagle. She has liberty today. Hopping on a train with a bunch of other Zulus heading for Boston. Should be a good time for them. Some well earned free time.
  8. Aeroman65

    Sea Trials start tonight for Zulu

    My Swab DD is doing this today. Hope she and all of Zulu does well!
  9. Aeroman65

    2024 CGA Application. Reapplying. Applied last year and wait listed.

    My daughter reapplied (and was selected) for 2023. High school counselor was still required. Other recommendations were her choice. She did exactly what sanman suggested and reached out to her AO.
  10. Aeroman65

    Medical questions

    Also no need for a nomination. It’s purely merit based. My DD is just finishing swab summer. CGA was the only academy she was interested in.
  11. Aeroman65

    Medical questions

    Does he have any interest in Coast Guard? No need to throw a basketball for CGA [emoji57]
  12. Aeroman65

    AIM Session 1

    Search Facebook for PDuddy Pics and you will find the photos.
  13. Aeroman65

    Sexual assault crisis': Unwanted contact reports hit all-time high at Coast Guard Academy

    Unfortunately this is an issue across America. My DD went to a regular university last year, and I just dropped her off for Swab Summer on Monday. Her regular university had the same issues. Almost every instance of these incidents has a chain of events leading up to the incident. Break one link...
  14. Aeroman65

    AIM PFE Question

    Try this link. Maybe it will work.
  15. Aeroman65

    AIM PFE Question

    There are pictures included in the instruction manual. They didn’t paste here though.
  16. Aeroman65

    AIM PFE Question

    There is a PFE Instruction Manual manual on the CGA website. Here is an excerpt: EVENT 1 CADENCE PUSH-UPS Equipment: A stopwatch. Description: Push-Ups must be completed to cadence, with one push-up completed every two seconds for a maximum of 60 in two minutes. The examiner should give the “up”...
  17. Aeroman65

    AIM Travel questions

    Just a suggestion for the return from AIM: get a direct flight if possible. We flew out of Providence on Southwest, stopping over in Baltimore. That time of year is prime for thunderstorms. Needless to say, we got delayed several hours. Had one very tired and exhausted daughter, storm delays...
  18. Aeroman65

    Ketchup on Hot Dogs

    I’ve been known to have a hot dog with cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla and dipped in salsa. I call that culinary delight a “tilla dog”. Otherwise, the $1.50 hot dog and drink from Costco (with mustard and sauerkraut of course).
  19. Aeroman65

    USCGA Waitlist 2023?

    Definitely a troll. Posts range from being a high school sophomore to having a bachelors and pursuing a masters with inquiries about MARGRAD. Unsure why someone would waste time like that. I would recommend banning that individual, but I'm not a moderator...
  20. Aeroman65

    USCGA Waitlist 2023?

    She had received an email asking if she still wished to be on the waitlist, possibly up to June 15. She agreed. We never heard anything after that.