1. GoNavyPro

    NASS 2016 Q&A Thread

    Hey everyone, I'm creating this thread for anyone coming to Summer Seminar this summer that may have last minute questions, comments, or concerns. I am one of the 1/C (aka Seniors) who is on the leadership team for NASS and will try to help mitigate last minute panicking questions to save...
  2. P

    AIM Payment

    Is it just me or is the link to the site to pay for the AIM session broken? If it is just me, how do I get this situation resolved? Thanks in advance!
  3. No1Fanof2

    NROTC offer/no offer

    Just out of curiosity if you received yay or nay what state are you from and what was the date you received the news? We are in SE Texas and have not heard anything.