1. F

    Admissible Packet 4???

    Does anyone know when the incoming class of 2028 will receive their 4th admissible mailing? Also, what would be included in it?
  2. Long-Shot

    Reapplying from a different state

    Hello again everyone! Unfortunately I did not receive an offer of appointment for USNA. I recently, however, accepted to NROTC Preparatory Program Scholarship at the Illinois Institute of Technology. I'm going to attempt to reapply to the Academy but I am curious if anyone has any tips for...
  3. O

    2028 nominations

    Would there be any problems with nominations on an even year, my district representative will be up for election in 2023 and Im hoping to get in the academy in 2024. Do they postpone nominations, am I out of luck, or is it going to be completely fine?