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    National Scholarship Winner

    I won a 4-year national scholarship out of high school. I am now an MSIII. Does this guarantee that I'll get active duty if I put in for it? My PMS said he never heard of a 4 year winner not getting active.
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    ROTC V. Active Duty

    Hello, I received a 4 year Army ROTC scholarship and I'm in my first year right now, and i just have a lot of questions about the difference between ROTC and active duty. I don't mind the PT at all, I have no trouble getting up and the workouts could actually be harder imo. But i just get...
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    AROTC 4YR Scholarship Transfer Question

    I've been going back and forth between American University and the University of Pittsburgh as to where to request a scholarship transfer. Initially I accepted my scholarship at Cornell, but I was rejected and only found out on the 31st of March, so I obviously have to transfer. I would really...