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    Eye sight NROTC

    I have a question, so recently I was told that I have been DQ’d only because my eye sight is not correctable to 20/20. I have been to my eye doctor a few months before, and they have said that my eye sight is correctable to 20/20 ( I wear glasses). Now it says that my medical status is Under...
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    No decision

    So my friend just received the scholarship, we both turned our scholarships in around the same time. Is it possible that I might not receive a 4 year, or should I just wait it out?
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    enlistment help!!!

    I am currently DEP for the Airforce my ship date is april. I am wondering if i can change my 6 year contract to 4 before i leave? I got stuck with open mechanical aptitude and dont want a crappy job for 6 years.