academic struggles

  1. V

    Am I a Competitive Applicant for USAFA?

    Hi! I've been looking into applying to USAFA for quite some time, but it's kind of hard to judge my own performance and credentials, so I was hoping some people from here could give me some advice as to whether or not it's worth it to apply. And thanks to anyone who does! So, I'll start by...
  2. C

    Getting into tough academies

    My name is Cody and I am 17 going into my senior year at a private college prep school. I struggled with some personal issues these past couple years and as a result my grades suffered. As of now, I have a 2.7 ( 3.0 in a public school) and play baseball, involved in 4 clubs, and am now starting...
  3. ElectedTuna

    Being Prepared for Academy?

    Hi everyone, I've bought the USAFA candidate book and have been reading through it and had questions. I wanted to know if I am prepared, and how to prepare for the academics at the Academy. If anyone could point out my strong and weak points in my Academics and Physical Fitness then I would...
  4. C

    Plebe Chemistry Sucks

    Greetings All, I am once again seeking your wisdom and advice. My plebe is struggling in chemistry...just failed the first big exam. Plebe is already working with teacher for additional instruction and is seeking a tutor. I believe the lack of time to spend on the material is the root cause...