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    Current Midshipman Q&A- Here to help!

    Hey everyone, I am a current plebe (Class of 2026) at USNA and willing to try and answer any questions ranging from the application process to life at the academy. As a little background reference, I am a reapplicant having been originally denied out of high school. I did a year of college...
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    Sports Advice due to Covid

    Hello. This is my first post on this forum, but I have been reading a lot trying to seek advice. As a Junior in High School, Covid had a really big impact on schools, especially sports. I was in my freshman year when quarantine started so sports were out of the question. I did do cross-country...
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    iPads/tips for West Point

    Good afternoon! I am a cadet candidate for the USMA Class of 2025’ and have been looking over some of the things that are on the recommended packing list for the USMA, and wanted some suggestions. West Point did request that I take an overnight visit sometime in either January or February, and...
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    Letter of Assurance but no nomination

    I just wanted some insight - I'm from VA - 11 and I've received a Letter of Assurance in mid-December (non-athlete). Although I have received a nomination from Gerry Connolly for West Point, I was not able to receive one from neither of the Senators. I got my Letter of Assurance pretty late...
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    How heavily weighted is the college transcript in the Air Force Academy Process?

    I graduated second in my high school with a 3.96 GPA. I am now studying aerospace engineering with a total of 19 credits at Iowa State University. I am struggling to keep my grades up in Calculus I and Chemistry for Engineering Students. I am currently at a low B in both the classes with A's in...
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    Can my Freshmen and Sophomore grades be overlooked?

    Can I still get in with a low gpa if my junior year gpa is a 4.0?
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    How Are my chances of getting accepted?

    so I am very interested in joining the USAFA, and I just have to hit submit on my writing sample and I will be done. I have a brother of a friend who is in the academy, and I have been talking to him quite a bit about the lifestyle and the admissions requirement. I have participated in 4 years...