academy admissions

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    Letter of Assurance but no nomination

    I just wanted some insight - I'm from VA - 11 and I've received a Letter of Assurance in mid-December (non-athlete). Although I have received a nomination from Gerry Connolly for West Point, I was not able to receive one from neither of the Senators. I got my Letter of Assurance pretty late...
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    How heavily weighted is the college transcript in the Air Force Academy Process?

    I graduated second in my high school with a 3.96 GPA. I am now studying aerospace engineering with a total of 19 credits at Iowa State University. I am struggling to keep my grades up in Calculus I and Chemistry for Engineering Students. I am currently at a low B in both the classes with A's in...
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    Can my Freshmen and Sophomore grades be overlooked?

    Can I still get in with a low gpa if my junior year gpa is a 4.0?
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    How Are my chances of getting accepted?

    so I am very interested in joining the USAFA, and I just have to hit submit on my writing sample and I will be done. I have a brother of a friend who is in the academy, and I have been talking to him quite a bit about the lifestyle and the admissions requirement. I have participated in 4 years...