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    How does nomination increase chances of acceptance

    I am a female applying to USNA for the class of 2027. I received an nomination from my congressman. By how much does that increase my chances of being accepted?
  2. A

    Grades Senior Year

    Hello, recently I have been accepted to West Point. (Letter of Assurance and a 3Q). What grades will make them revoke your offer? I understand just maintaining your current grades will guarantee your offer, but I am curious to know what exactly is unacceptable the rest of your senior year, after...
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    AROTC PMS Interview

    I have recently been moved to PMS interviewee status and was wondering where I should schedule my interview. My top schools are Stanford, Duke, and Vanderbilt. I do not live near any of these schools and was wondering if I should schedule my interview with someone whose school I’m not applying...