1. MrSTOCK

    APFT at Beast

    My FFR confirmed that the class of 2025 will be taking the APFT at Beast, as seen in the 1st admissible mailing. What he told me: “the APFT - - not the ACFT - - will be the physical fitness testing format at CBT. If you are wondering why USMA is using a test that is not being used by the Army...
  2. C

    ACFT at Camp 2020?

    My MSG just told our MSIII class that the PT test for OML record at camp this coming summer will be the ACFT. This is the first time I am hearing this information. Has anyone heard anything on this?
  3. C

    New Army PT Test (ACFT)

    Woah... The ACFT will be fully activated by October, 2020.