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    Good enough ACT scores to be considered for a NROTC scholarship?

    Composite: 32 Math: 35 Science: 35 Reading: 31 English: 26 My intended major is Aerospace or Aeronautical Engineering.
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    ACT Scores for Preliminary Applications [USNA]

    I just wanted to get some additional voices on this topic since I want to ensure I cover all bases before doing this. I intend to apply for the quickly upcoming Preliminary Application in April of this year. From what I have seen, it seems like the ACT/SAT scores are self reported and not...
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    USMMA ACT Score Specifics

    Does USMMA only accept the most recent ACT score or can you cherry-pick your highest? At the moment my most recent ACT score is a 31. While I'm enthusiastic to test again in hopes of raising the score, the specifics of what USMMA accepts in regards to ACT scores is a bit of a mystery. Also...
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    What Sections of the ACT does the Naval Academy Care About?

    When I went to NASS one of the admissions briefs talked about USNA only caring about the English and Math section and how they superscore between the SAT and ACT.
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    Act scores for usmma

    Can someone tell me the average act scores for usmma, and also does the science score matter? Also- please tell me how competitive my scores are: English:34 Math:33 Reading:32 Science:34 Thanks.
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    Act score question

    Hey everyone. I am currently applying to USMA. I have a 34 composite with a 29 math, 35 science, 35 reading, and 36 english. I know that the Naval Academy only looks at math and english scores. Does West Point look at all scores or just math and english? Thank you
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    First ACT scores - Junior

    DS got back his first ACT scores from the December test. Not bad for first time out of the gate 28. Should he forward these scores after he applies to the Summer Seminar or wait until he takes the ACT again in February? Or should he send all scores each time? Not sure since USNA superscores...