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    I am a male applying to the USNA class of 2024 and I passed my CFA, but I am wondering what that means, why is it just pass or fail? I am still training to improve my score, I am a bit concerned that passing isn't enough for the CFA.
  2. S

    How does NASS help your Naval Academy Application

    I recently attended NASS (Naval Academy Summer Seminar), and I was wondering if that helps improve your chances of getting into the academy considering there is a evaluation added to your profile by your squad leader?
  3. S

    Is athletics make or break?

    I've done a little bit of athletics during my high school time (currently a rising Senior), cross country for one year and a varsity letter in raider Team for two years. However, I am far more involved in "Academic Extracurricular" like Quiz Bowl and have published papers in science journals...
  4. S

    I didn't do so hot on one of my AP Exams, how will this effect my chances?

    So these are my AP score starting from Freshman year 9th AP Human Geography - 4 10th AP European History - 4 AP Computer Science A - 4 AP Calculus AB - 5 11th AP Calculus BC - 5 (AB Sub score - 5) AP Language and Composition - 4 AP U.S History - 4 AP Statistics - 2 I got an A in all of these...
  5. Hope C.

    I need some guidance please , all the help will be appreciated. thanks

    Hello , name is Hope my goal is to attent United States Military Academy at West Point but I have one large obsticle in front of me and I am trying to overcome or try to find an alternative way to my goal but I am still searching . I tought maybe this platform could have some ansvers. Thank you...
  6. G0navybeat@rmy

    Summer Seminar

    I'm a current junior in high school and my dream is to go to USNA but I'm not sure of my chances for when I apply. I applied to Summer STEM two times and got turned down both times so I'm unsure of my chances. Here's a quick resume: I have participated in 5 sports: football, track, cross...
  7. cousmma5280

    US Merchant Marine Academy Admissions-Summer Open House Invitation-August 3, 2018

    On behalf of the Superintendent, Faculty, Administration, and Staff, I wish to invite you to the U. S. Merchant Marine Academy for our Summer Open House. We will be providing information on our academics, regimental life, training, support programs, and career opportunities. In addition, we will...