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    Help! Am I too late to apply?

    Hello everyone, I’m a rising senior at a public high school. I’ve only heard about service academies recently, and I KNOW this is the path I want for college, specifically West Point or the Naval Academy. Every single resource I’ve looked into says I should have started mid junior year. What can...
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    Weekend Life

    I am currently in the process in applying to USNA and have done extensive research about the academy. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out what the midshipmen do on the weekends (Yes I know you don’t get much free time) but what do they do?
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    Admissions Contemplations ROTC & USAFA

    Hello! I'm a prospective USAFA cadet. In the end, I want to be commissioned as an officer in the Air Force. Ideally, I'd love to be admitted to USAFA. I love the camaraderie and tradition that USAFA brings, but honestly, I haven't been where I need to mentally lately. Last year I moved to a new...