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    Advanced Standing-College Programmer 4/C

    Hello everyone, I'm a 4/C Midshipman at Generic State University in the Midwest. For some context, I joined because I really want to earn a commission, and am passionate about the Navy. I grew up building model battleships and have always wanted to join. I wasn't selected for the four year...
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    Advanced Standing

    How difficult is it to get advanced standing? I will be joining as a sophomore majoring in Aerospace Engineering. Since I am transferring schools, my GPA will start over, so I don't know that it would be of the most relevance to this question right now. I know this is a difficult major, but I am...
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    VMI NROTC Commissioning?

    I will be attending VMI this fall (or whenever COVID-19 finally lets up), and I am planning to pursue a commission in the Navy. However, I didn't pick up the 4-year scholarship. I am going in as a Tier 3 Major (History), and I don't want to force myself to pursue a Tier-1 Major because I know...