1. O

    Chances of waiver for heart anomaly?

    I know this is a very specific question that nobody may be able to answer, but I’m wondering if having an Azygos Continuation of the IVC is a disqualification for a pilot slot/AFROTC. It’s asymptomatic with a normal EKG, and I can’t seem to find too much info on it. I’ve looked at the medical...
  2. afrotc2022

    AFROTC PDT: Ops Air Force vs. USAFA ESET

    Hi y'all, I'm a C/4C in AFROTC, and apparently, as a contracted cadet, I have to do Ops Air Force (or some PDT) this summer. I was nominated for USAFA SOAR but didn't make the cut. Our cadre just let us know that there are openings for GMC to go to Expeditionary Survival & Evasion Training...
  3. flyblu

    How to balance AFROTC, college, and work?

    Hello, I most likely will be applying for my AFROTC scholarship as soon as I do my SAT exam in a couple of days and then send in my scores in the following weeks. My question is how do I balance AFROTC with college and work? I am still learning how to manage time well and if I do not get a...
  4. F

    Dodmerb DQ from AFROTC - how to appeal after “normal” waivers sent in

    Our DS is a freshman and received Type7 AFROTC scholarship . We started with DODMERB a year ago when he was applyyro USAFA. This has been a long and grueling process of waiting and waivers, found out yesterday he is DQd from AFROTC after submitting requested waiver. Now wondering what to Do...
  5. W

    Coming to ROTC from abroad

    Hello everyone! I live in Jinja, Uganda with my parents, who are missionaries. so therefore we dont have enough money for me to come back to the US until soon before university starts, and I want to do ROTC. I have no idea the best way to do this, and I was hoping for some insight! Thank you!