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    AFROTC four year scholarship

    I’m a first semester freshman with a 4 year scholarship for afrotc. My question do I have to repay them if I quit after they pay my tuition before the end of freshman year? I think it says that if you quit after freshman year you don’t have to repay it but what about if I quit before the end of...
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    Height/Weight Standards for Scholarship

    Hello everyone, Currently I have a fellow Cadet who also received an AFROTC scholarship. However, since they have been isolated pretty much all year because of their parents medical conditions, they no longer meet Air Force height/weight standards but they can still pass the PT test with flying...
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    JROTC/CAP Credit in AFROTC

    Hello everyone, I’m an incoming freshman with an AFROTC J-100 scholarship at my college. I have achieved the General Ira Eaker award in CAP and 3 years of AFJROTC in HS (I was awarded full 4 year credit because I took numerous JROTC classes my Senior Year). I know that you can use CAP and...
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    AFROTC Application Issue

    Hey Guys! I hope you are all doing well. This is my first post on the Service Academy Forums, so please bear with me if I make some mistakes, I apologize ahead of time. Okay, so I'm aware that the AFROTC portal opened up July 1, and I was looking forward to filling some of it then and trying to...
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    Maximum cost you’d be willing to spend to attend

    My dream school is VMI. I was accepted for this fall and I am dying to commit and attend. It will cost me $33,000 this year (they gave me $27,000 of financial aid) since I’m OOS. I have been waiting to hear back from the AFROTC scholarship, but of course it’s been delayed for the second time to...
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    Admissions Contemplations ROTC & USAFA

    Hello! I'm a prospective USAFA cadet. In the end, I want to be commissioned as an officer in the Air Force. Ideally, I'd love to be admitted to USAFA. I love the camaraderie and tradition that USAFA brings, but honestly, I haven't been where I need to mentally lately. Last year I moved to a new...