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  1. C

    CAP/JROTC Benefits in AFROTC

    (Repost because I can’t find the OP) Hello everyone, I’m an incoming freshman with an AFROTC J-100 scholarship at my college. I have achieved the General Ira Eaker award in CAP and 3 years of AFJROTC in HS (I was awarded full 4 year credit because I took numerous JROTC classes my Senior...
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    J-100 AFROTC Scholarship

    I haven’t seen any mention of this so far and I’ve used this forum for SA and ROTC stuff quite awhile. Recently, I was honored to receive a J-100 Character-In-Leadership scholarship. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what that is; Gen Goldfein, before he retired, wanted a scholarship...
  3. W

    Are students selected for AFROTC scholarships at specific schools or in general, for any school?

    Hey Everyone, I thought that AFROTC offered general/universal scholarships, meaning the acceptance into ROTC was independent of the school the recipient attended (of course, the school would have to offer an AFROTC program); however, in my scholarship application, the Air Force asked me to...
  4. W

    What is an average Air Force ROTC fitness score?

    Hey Everyone, I am a decently fit guy and I have trained a bit over the last few months (nothing crazy, but a few sets of push-ups and sit-ups each day and runs periodically). I have been working specifically to improve on the Air Force ROTC Physical Fitness Assessment. What is a standard or...
  5. W

    Will AFROTC allow me to double-major in one etechnical and one non-techincal major?

    Hey Everyone, I want to study economics (a non-technical major); however, I have been informed at only about 10% of scholarship students are allowed to study non-technical non-foreign language majors. One suggestion I received was to study Applied Math instead of Economics because they are very...
  6. W

    Will Air Force ROTC let me major in economics?

    Hey Everyone, I am a rising senior, and I plan to apply for an AFROTC scholarship this fall. I want to study economics, but the Air Force does not recognize it as a technical major. Economics is still very heavy in math, especially calculus, so it feels technical-adjacent to me, where it isn't...
  7. W

    How likely am I get an AFROTC scholarship?

    This fall I will be a high school senior. I am not particularly concerned about my academics, I am a little concerned about my fitness, and I am very concerned about my leadership experience. I have a 1410 on the SAT, although I am scheduled to take it again in September and I have gotten...
  8. afrotc2022

    AFROTC Scholarship: Tech to Non-Tech. Has anyone done it?

    Has anyone out there in the forum ever tried to switch from tech to non-tech on an AFROTC scholarship? I'm considering asking to switch and would like to hear from some people with some first-hand experience on what I should/shouldn't do when it comes to how I present the idea to Cadre and how...
  9. B

    My AROTC/AFROTC Scholarship Stats: What can be improved?

    I'm well aware that no one can accurately "chance me," but I just I want to know the weaknesses in my stats so I can further work on them. GPA (Weighted): 4.00 GPA (Unweighted): 3.72 SAT (Best Standing): Evidence-Based Reading and Writing: 630, Math: 700, Total: 1330 SAT (Super Scored)...
  10. RobertGDog

    2018 - 2019 AFROTC Scholarship Boards?

    Hello, Just curious if anyone knows when the AFROTC scholarship boards for this year will be? Specifically the first one? When should my DS have everything completed and submitted in order to be involved in the first board selection? Thanks!