1. J

    LOA- What does this mean? How do I open it?

    Opened my portal today to find my status has changed from pending review to a LOA! (YAY!) However, everything is already checked off, I have a principal nomination from my MOC, and I made it through DoDMERB fully qualified. So, what does a LOA mean at this point? Do I have to do anything...
  2. SandBaby

    What now!? Plus, waiting is really hard!

    Hello! Three things: 1) Does anyone know what I should be looking for at this point? I completed my application and was notified of my nominations a little over a month ago. I sent my first semester transcript about two weeks ago. Aside from waiting (see thing #2), what happens next? I've...
  3. SandBaby

    CFA Total Score???

    Hello! I've seen this question in a few other threads, but I can't find a direct answer. What does the "Total Score" CFA status refer to? (Naval Academy portal) My "Total Score" is 357.98. I have no idea what that means. How does this score affect my profile? Is my total score bad? While...